July 24: Saturday Mets Links and Open Thread

The Mets Police – At least one fan thinks the Mets Hall of Fame induction ceremony is a money grab by the Wilpons. Make that two fans.

MetsMerizedOnline – Darryl Strawberry thinks the Mets lack swagger. Looks like Fred Wilpon’s plan is coming together quite nicely.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper breaks down Johan Santana’s fantastic resurgence.

MetsBlog – Ted Lilly could be dealt soon. Does anyone think he will land with the Mets? Kind of scary when the bargain basement options are seemingly too pricey for the Wilpons.

Long Live Shea Stadium – A scouting report on Dodgers starter Carlos Monasterios.


The Mets (50-47) look to build on their one-game winning streak today at Dodger Stadium. Mike Pelfrey (10-5, 4.01) will face Carlos Monasterios (3-2, 3.61). First pitch at 4:10pm EST.

  1. John July 26, 2010 at 10:42 am
    Thanks for your support. As you can see my article is getting killed over there.
  2. loge mezzanine July 26, 2010 at 10:54 am
    The Wilpons wrap themselves in charity causes to insulate themselves from criticism. When times are rough, they trot out memories of ’86. And when the fans feel forced to defend ownership, the cycle repeats itself.

    The reasons for this year’s ’86-heavy HOF induction are simple:

    -the team isn’t winning
    -the mets are still embarrassed about building a stadium without any regard to the team that plays there
    -the team is still trying to make up for the doc autographed wall fiasco

    If memory serves, it is not a regular occurence to induct four people into the Mets HOF in one season. These inductions could have been spaced out from 2010-2013. Instead, everyone gets lumped into a package deal and the Mets charge $300 for it.