Mets Minor League Top Performers (June 3-10)

NOTE: this is a post by Kyle Schnitzer. Enjoy.

In the future, I will be doing these more in-depth. As you will notice, I am missing Double-A Binghamton. I did it on purpose because no one on the team was really have a “great week”. Their pitching struggled, as did their hitting. I look forward to future columns with you guys.

Triple-A Buffalo Hitter: Lucas Duda, OF

Lucas Duda, who has seen brief time in the majors, has found his way back to the top after a promotion last night. Duda has been ripping the cover off the ball in Triple-A Buffalo, batting .400 the past week. Duda also belted 3 homeruns while netting 7 RBI. In 38 games, Duda’s combined line: .302/.414/.597.

With Jason Bay struggling and now benched, Duda could not have a better opportunity to showcase himself and prove to the organization that he belongs here.

High Class A St. Lucie Batter: Matt Den Dekker, OF

In the beginning of the season, Den Dekker was ripping apart High-A. But since coming into May, Den Dekker has came back to earth and started looking more like a 4th outfielder. With his batting average dropping 60 points since May, Den Dekker has picked it up this week.

While he’s hitting a modest .272 for the week, Den Dekker has smashed 2 homeruns this week, doubling his 2011 season total. He also has two doubles, making that 18 for the year.

High Class A St. Lucie Pitcher: Darin Gorski, LHP

On the mound, Darin Gorski, has been everything and more this season. Not considered a starting pitcher by many, Gorski has forced his way into starts. On the season, the left-handed pitch is 4-0 with a dazzling 1.62 ERA in Class A Advanced St. Lucie.

In the month of June, Gorski has maintained a 0.00 ERA, while logging in 14 innings. In his most recent start on June 7, Gorski went 7 innings; surrendered 0 runs on 4 hits while striking out 7.

It’s not clear if Gorski is too advanced for High-A as he’s been in the shadows of 2010 First-round pick Matt Harvey the whole season, but he might have to stick there for a little longer. But with the year he is putting together, he might have just forced a promotion.

Class A Savannah Hitter: Darrell Ceciliani, OF

Darrell Ceciliani has had a hard time adjusting to full-season play. Could this week be an indication of him getting used to every day play? Ceciliani is hitting .435 this week after a monster performance on June 5, where he went 3-5 with a home run and 2 RBI. Ceciliani’s numbers have dropped since having a jaw dropping campaign for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

While Ceciliani won’t hit for power, his strength is in the gap, as he is a doubles and triples kind of hitter. A speedy centerfielder who swiped 21 bags in 2010, Ceciliani, is outstanding defensive outfielder. He might have some work to do, but he is no doubt, one of the more eye opening prospects in the Mets organization.

So that’s the quick synopsis for the past week. Have you seen any Mets minor league games recently and care to share your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

Kyle Schnitzer's biggest memory as a Mets fan is when Carlos Beltran went down on strike 3 against Adam Wainwright in game 7 of the NLCS. Since then, he hasn't expected much from the Mets. The new regime gives him hope. When he's not writing here, he's writing somewhere else, bussing tables, tweeting, or riding his bike. Follow him on Twitter: @dakyleschnitzer
  1. Mic June 11, 2011 at 3:07 pm
    Great timing!

    So earlier there was another post out on sportsspyder. Basically lets hope this years draft is as good as last years. In addition to harvey, den dekker and vaughn are allstars, and to boot the high a and low a all star games feature a fair number of mets per team.

    2. Nj. Com has a great read on what to do with krod.

    3. I would love to see/write a rubbtle to the story in the bleacher report on reyes. Bobby valentine said enuff last sunday prior to reyes going off.

    4. But back to that bleacher port article; if reyes is a posiible target for milwaukee, dont you think tejada has to be attracting attention too? Murphy too….as the 3rd coming of wiggy/keppinger…

    • Kyle Schnitzer June 11, 2011 at 4:42 pm
      I’m not a huge fan of the Bleacher Report just because some of the articles/ideas are totally out there. Who knows if Milwaukee is an actual targer for Reyes, I can tell you this, the Mets would need ALOT more then what Milwaukee can offer.

      Milwaukee lost all their top prospects in the Greinke deal and the Marcum, where they lost Brett Lawrie, a second basemen, and Jake Odorizzi.

      As far as Tejada, he isn’t the sexiest player alive. He reminds me of Ray Ordonez, except for more pop in the bat. Due to his lack of time in the big leagues and his sub-par numbers last season, he is still a work in progress.

  2. Mic June 11, 2011 at 5:48 pm
    Why? Earlier i wrote and was on the trade reyes wagon. No more. I really like tejada. Comparisons to rey-rey do not apply. Rey was a non factor on offense. Tejada as you can see is a factor…i foresee an an annual .300 hitter with decent glove. But not a highlight film as reyes is.

    As a comp how about tejada as raffy furcal.

    So taking this to the next level..if turner goes back to 2nd, Murph holds down 3rd, then i think tejada can fetch a good arm to fit in the pen. A good arm probably seperates us from the wc race.

    • Kyle Schnitzer June 12, 2011 at 12:33 am
      Wouldn’t compare him to Furcal. That’s a huge comparison that Tejada just can’t prove yet. Tejada does not have the speed Furcal possesses.

      Tejada has potential to win a gold glove. And as we saw tonight, Murphy cannot play third. He’s better suited for second, with either Turner or Tejada platooning. At this point, I’m leaning for Tejada.

  3. Mic June 13, 2011 at 8:46 am
    One error even 10 means little given that murph is not getting any reps or security at any one position. Personally, he may not be dw but i think murph would be a fine 3 rd baseman.