Happy Birthday Mike Bordick!

Today is the 46th birthday of 2000 trade deadline acquisition Mike Bordick. Believe it or not, it took four players to rent the services of the gritty leader from Baltimore: Mike Kinkade, Leslie Brea, Pat Gorman and Melvin Mora were sacrificed in the deal.

In 56 games with the Mets, Bordick batted a serviceable .260, with one home run and 15 RBIs. His OBP however, was a solid .365. However, he was in worse in the postseason: he batted .167 in the NLDS, a robust .077 in the NLCS, and a smoking .125 in the World Series. After the season, he exercised his right to free agency and promptly returned to Baltimore. Bordick was always a favorite of broadcasters, coaches and teammates for being a true professional.

Others Mets celebrating their DOB today: Mike Cubbage, Brian Buchanon and Brett Hinchcliffe.


David Gogel is a lifelong Mets fan. Follow him on Twitter @troonooyawker.