Blog Roundup: Monday Edition

Carlos Beltran is still on Trade Watch, Johan Santana threw a bullpen session, David Wright returned in a clutchy way over the weekend, and the Mets continue their tango with .500.

Here’s the roundup:

Happy reading, and keep hitting that refresh button on Mets Today for all the latest Mets news.

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  1. SiddFinch July 25, 2011 at 3:57 pm
    I’m still bullish on the Rangers as to where Beltran will wind up (despite his issues with DH’ing and obvious preference to remain in the NL) but the Reds are an intriguing possibility.

    Although they would never give up top prospect C-Devin Mesoraco, they’d probably part with backstop prospect Yasami Grandal, who is highly touted in his own right.

    But the conversation should begin and end with 1BYonder Alonso. Votto’s not going anywhere so Alonso is blocked at the MLB level.

    With questions surrounding Ike’s future in regards to possible microfracture surgery on ankle. Alonso would be one helluva an insurance policy to have and quite possibly either the Mets 1B of future regardless of Davis’ rebound from surgery or the centerpiece of a future trade.