Is Fernando Martinez a Late-bloomer or a Bust?

About 6 years ago the Mets signed a 16 year-old Dominican prospect named Fernando Martinez. Still only 22, he’s been with the Mets organization for six years and has yet to fulfill the high expectations placed on his shoulders as a teenager. Concerning F-Mart’s career, is it time to turn to panic mode?

Martinez did not do well in Buffalo this year (.260 AVG, .746 OPS, 8 HR in 63 games) and is currently on DL, which is not a surprise; this time, it’s a sprained wrist. He seems unable to stay healthy but even when he IS healthy, he’s not advancing his skills. Other than the recent wrist injury, he was diagnosed with arthritis in his knee, which may affect him more adversely if the weather is not cooperating (i.e., rain/cold) — which makes him sound more like an old, broken-down ballplayer than an upcoming prospect. And to think that Martinez was “untouchable” for trades in past!

Will Martinez bounce back and hit .300/25 HRs for the Mets or will he be stranded in the minors like Mike Hessman, Jesus Felicano, Val Pascucci and other “AAAA” players? I don’t see Martinez as the Mets’ everyday left fielder anytime soon because he has to stop getting injuries in order to develop his skills.

Now imagine if Mets did trade him in few years back — what might have changed in Mets history? Further I wonder what the Mets would receive now for Martinez? I have to believe that at least one or two teams would go overboard for F-Mart. However, the Mets did lose significant value on Martinez and all they can do is to wait for him to get fully healthy, and see what he can do playing every day in the minors. Should we forget about him for a while and pray that he remains healthy? And once he’s healthy, can he meet everyone’s expectations? That’s a big concern to the Mets organization. Your thoughts?

What Will Happen with Fernando Martinez?

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Jimmy is currently in Seymour Joseph Institute in Staten Island, studying for an A.S. Degree as a Certified Deaf Interpreter. When he moved to NYC in 2001 from Cleveland, he started to take an interest in Mets and has been a loyal fan ever since. When he's not watching baseball, Jimmy is an avid bowler and frequently travels for deaf bowling tournaments, mostly on the East Coast. Since English is technically his second language (American Sign Language is his first), please cut him a little slack in regard to typos and grammatical errors.
  1. gary s. September 10, 2011 at 8:52 am
    Fernando Who??
  2. NormE September 10, 2011 at 4:48 pm
    FMart is the poster child for the gamble in signing 16 yr. olds. It’s hard to tell how they will “age” as the body changes. How much of that 16 yr. old “wow” factor came
    from comparisons to players whose development was
    more gradual?

    It’s my feeling that FMart is too much of a gamble for another
    team to give the Mets anything in return. The only hope is that he can be packaged with other bodies (hint: Pelfrey, Parnell) for a player buried behind talent in another system.

    I guess the front office would have to ascertain if his continued
    presence is impeding other potential talent from getting playing time. If so, let him go. If not, and you can afford to keep paying his medical bills, keep him.

  3. Izzy September 10, 2011 at 6:24 pm
    Can’t play in your poll. Don’t have my guess. I expect him to go someplace else this Winter, but never be a star. Arthritis in his knee at his age…The future is not bright.
    • Joe Janish September 11, 2011 at 12:35 am
      So then, option 1 doesn’t fit closely enough? Maybe I should add another option?