Blog Roundup: Bottoming Out Edition

After a 1-8 homestand, the Mets finally appear to be playing as poorly as preseason pundits expected them to.  But there’s always 2012, or what may be even more interesting, the offseason.

Blogs away:

  • Rising Apple reminds us not to forget about Jenrry Mejia when we talk about pitching prospects.
  • Mack’s Mets compares two other pitching prospects, Mark Cohoon and Akeel Morris.
  • Patrick Flood says the Mets might not even stack up against the Nationals next year.  Then again, they didn’t really stack up against them this year.
  • Metstradamus finds himself in baseball Purgatory.  But the good news is, there are no lines at Shake Shack in Purgatory.
  • Mets Fever looks at the bright side – the Mets prospects for a better draft pick are improving all the time.
  • Real Dirty Mets are taking a beating from the Mets in September.

Hang in there – the offseason’s nearly here.  Check out Mets Today for all the latest developments.

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