Blog Roundup: The Walls of Flushing

On Monday, the Mets announced their long-anticipated modifications to the dimensions of Citi Field. ¬†Among the changes: Blue walls, the demise of the Great Wall of Flushing, a nice outdoor seating area for the Mo’s Zone (which conveniently shortens the outfield wall).

Not changing-The Blogs:

  • Metsblog has official pictures and a video of what the new fences will look like.
  • Amazin’ Avenue factors in Citi Field’s new dimensions on David Wright’s spray chart. ¬†The results may surprise you.
  • Metsmerized isn’t BLUE at all about the changes.
  • Mack’s Mets profiles prospect Juan Carlos Gamboa.
  • Adam Rubin gets information on the sale to minority shareholders from Jeff Wilpon.
  • Faith and Fear says Tony La Russa was the last active manager who managed Tom Seaver.

So, expect more home runs at Citi, and more Mets news from Mets Today.

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