Blog Roundup: The Lull

Ever since Jose Reyes “signed with the Marlins” on November 13th, not much has been happening in Metsville.  Or MLBville for that matter (MLBville is a nice place, but stay away from Jose Canseco Boulevard).  No big free-agent signings (Including that of a certain shortstop), no big trades, and hardly any rumors that aren’t worth ignoring.  This, however, may just be the calm before the Winter Meetings storm.

Let’s see if the Blogs can bring some thunder:

  • Mets Fever says the team will not pursue the well-fed Jonathan Broxton
  • Metsmerized thinks the Mets should add plucky Jed Lowrie for infield depth.
  • Real Dirty looks at options the Mets have to round out their outfield.
  • Mets360 takes an all-around look (Get it?  No?  OK.) at the Mets offseason thus far.
  • Sweetspot (shameless plug) offers some solutions for NL East teams, including the Mets.
  • Amazin’ Avenue looks at the life and times of Butch Huskey.  Well, his Mets career, anyway.

Try to stay awake out there – when something happens, we’ll have it on Mets Today.

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