Blog Roundup: Speculate!

Four days before the Winter Meetings, and the speculation is heating up like aluminum foil in a microwave.  The Mets allegedly revealed their potential offer to Jose Reyes, and talk of relief (pitching, not the removal of something distressing, or a mode of sculpture in which forms and figures are distinguished from a surrounding plane surface) abounds.  GM Sandy Alderson held a couple of press conferences this week to talk about such matters, the most recent, and hour-long conference call with some Mets bloggers.  In other news, former Mets skipper Bobby Valentine was named the new field boss for the Boston Red Sox.

What up, Blogs?:

  • MLB Trade Rumors says the Mets and Marlins are the only two players in the Reyes sweepstakes.
  • Mets Police describes his Alderson conference call experience (Why, yes, he was stuck on the side of the road for the duration).
  • 7 Train to Shea says the Mets showed interest in the A’s Andrew Bailey.
  • Faith and Fear reflects upon the Bobby Valentine era in the wake of his hiring by the Red Sox.
  • Metstradamus remembers when Valentine noticed his banner.
  • Mr. Met is My Brother – I don’t know what this means, but I like it.

Happy weekend, everyone.  Stay tuned to Mets Today for everything Metropolitan.

Paul is a freelance writer, blogger, and broadcast technology professional residing in Denver. A New Jersey native, he is a long-suffering Mets fan, a recently-happy Giants fan, and bewildered Islanders fan. He's also a fair-weather Avalanche and Rockies supporter. In his spare time, he enjoys the three Gs: Golf, Guitars, and Games.
  1. Corey Gorey December 3, 2011 at 10:06 am
    I don’t know, man…there was a lot of chatter on the art blogs this week about Reyes as a contributing figure distinguished from a surrounding plane surface.