Blog Roundup: Big News Day

Wednesday was a big news day in the world of sports, mostly in the NFL.  But the best news for the Mets didn’t include the words “Tebow” or “Saints.”  Johan Santana breezed through the World Champion Cardinals’ opening day lineup de facto.  He struck out 6, walked none, and surrendered 1 run on 6 hits in 6 IP, all while throwing an efficient 69 pitches.  Meanwhile, with the injured Andres Torres‘s immediate future in doubt, the Mets scramble to find a center fielder.


  • NYBD looks at an unorthodox option for the Mets in CF (the man Cardinals announcer Mike Shannon referred to as “Jeremy Valdespin”).
  • Daily Stache hopes the injuries heal – time is running out.
  • Amazin’ Avenue explores the start of Johan the Man.
  • Hardball Talk has Jason Bay volunteering to play center for the Mets.  What, Hojo and Juan Samuel weren’t available?
  • Rising Apple suggests the Mets give Mike Pelfrey the ol’ Ollie Perez treatment.
  • The Bitter Bill has some good news and some bad news.  It really doesn’t matter which one goes first.

Spring Training is in full swing, and so is Mets Today – and we’re in mid-season form.

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