Blog Roundup: First No Hitter Edition

There’s not much left to say at this point.  Last night marked the first truly memorable moment at Citi Field, the Mets finally have a no hitter (or is it no-hitter?…I’m not used to this, folks), and now we wait on pins and needles to see if Johan’s arm survived the night.

The Mets’ first no hitter has inspired terrific work by the Blogs:

  • Daily Stache reflects on the history of the moment, and how amazing his comeback has been.
  • Greg Prince has a must-read operatic recounting of the night, capturing the emotions of Mets fans as only he can.
  • Amazin’ Avenue has a very complex infographic on the history of Mets no hitters.
  • Real Dirty reflects on, among other things, the redemptive quality of last night’s game.
  • Mets Police links to the fabulous call of the final out by Howie Rose.
  • The Bitter Bill got a healthy dose of optimism from his son and Johan.
  • Mets360 recounts some notable tweets from last night.
  • Metstradamus writes about the possibility of the impossible.

8 runs, 8 hits, no errors for the Mets.  Nothing across for the Cardinals.

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