Link: Dillon Gee to Have Surgery

Adam Rubin of ESPN reports that Dillon Gee will have surgery to repair a damaged artery in his right shoulder.  The procedure should prevent any future episodes of clotting.  Earlier this week, doctors discovered a clot in his shoulder that caused numbness in his pitching hand.

After doctors dissolved a clot but determined Gee’s artery was damaged, he was presented with the option of using blood thinners for the near future, but that was riskier. So Gee has opted to have a procedure performed by leading specialist Dr. Robert Thompson at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, the source said.

Gee is expected to miss 6-8 weeks, and may not pitch again this year.

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  1. argonbunnies July 11, 2012 at 7:26 pm
    That’s horrible news for Gee, and for our 2012 playoff chances.

    Could there be a silver lining, in that our diminished odds of immediate success reinforce a long-term focus for management? Sell high on Hairtson, please! An Indians blogger listed their #1 need as a RH LF with pop… I hope to see some deadline deals that make us better for the future, plus some salary relief acquisitions like Street to balance that out and reward the team’s play thus far this year.

  2. AC Wayne July 11, 2012 at 8:44 pm
    I have a strong feeling that the Mets will bring up Harvey, why not? their only excuse thus far has been that they don’t want to expose the young RH to failure if he happens to struggle
  3. SiddFinch July 11, 2012 at 10:37 pm
    I think they need to go after one of the starters out there beginning with Greinke. Put a package together even it means parting with Familia, but only if they sign Greinke to a deal. Otherwise focus on Garza. They’ve now lost 2/5 of their planned rotation and who knows what we’ll get out of Johann as the 2nd half progresses.

    Bringing up Harvey should only be a last choice option. I’d say now another starter takes precedence over anything else. Go after Fuentes and/or Romero for the pen to mix with Beato, Ramirez and possibly Meijia.

    Wait till August and make a waiver deal for a catcher, someone will be available. They could take a chance on Manny or Vlad for the OF if Bay can’t do anything when he gets back.

    Even without addressing some of the offensive needs I’d like my chances with a trio Dickey, Santana and Greinke (to lesser degree if Garza instead of Greinke) with Niese as your 4th down the stretch and in the playoffs. The Mets need to go big or go home now IMHO. I also don’t think its reactionary either if they can secure either Greinke or Garza for a few years. They can ease Harvey and Wheeler into the rotation, while at the same time be ready for the post-Santana era.

    Let’s face the competition is going to go hard after both guys so the Mets need to as well. This is a New York team. It’s time they start acting like it.

    • Walnutz15 July 12, 2012 at 1:19 pm
      I’m on the fence with Brian Fuentes.

      Part of me looks at his #’s, and say — he’s toast.

      The other says…..maybe he stands to benefit – making a return to the National League….in addition to his track record of being a better 2nd half pitcher.

      Really interesting how much better he’s been, post ASG over the last 3-seasons:

      Then it all leads back to the initial inkling……why would Oakland just release him, when they’d have been able to get something (anything at all, really) in exchange, by the deadline?

      Just has me very iffy….bordering on a “no”. Only way it works is if he’s open to taking the ball at Buffalo for a few innings, to see where he truly stands — and I doubt that’s happening.

      He’s another guy who’d have to “kiss and make-up” with Bob Geren – for the record.

  4. Ben C. July 12, 2012 at 8:15 am
    The situation reminds me a little of the ’10 season: struggles just before the All Star break, then some serious problems all of a sudden that lead to a long losing streak. I think we went 4-10 or something after that break.

    I think these coming two series are the litmus test for the remainder of the Mets season. If we play them well with whatever rotation we cobble together, let’s go ahead and pursue some FAs and see what we can do. But I’m confident that SA and TC are going to do this the right way and not call up Harvey just because there’s an inviting spot opening.

  5. Joe July 12, 2012 at 10:34 am
    It’s tough for Gee but there are other options available (I still find bringing up Harvey questionable) that can very well only cost the team a few games which someone like Ike Davis actually hitting a lick and perhaps a fresh arm in the pen can balance out to some degree. And, Gee fell over late last year anyhow. Net, how bad is this really?

    Again, it’s too bad for Gee, especially after he shaved off his stupid beard.

  6. Walnutz15 July 12, 2012 at 11:25 am
    Harvey, Harvey, Harvey – Harvey, Harvey, Harvey….(::hyperventilates::) — ok, Harvey, Harvey, Harvey…..


    Heading into the season — I was of the belief that he’d spend the entire year working through Triple-A — and really, that’s still where I stand, even now.

    I think Alderson should probably let one of his guys (Hefner) grab a few starts.

    At the same time, Harvey now realizes he’s “closer than close” – and will either take on that swagger…..or show that he really does need the work with the “on the doorstep” results.

    Either way, it’s interesting to follow. (But then again, I actually don’t mind Hefner.)

    And I’m not saying that I think Harvey WILL spend the rest of the season at Buffalo – but I do think he should for now, at least.

    The tentative nature of this staff, in general – just may have us looking to bring him up again in 2-weeks time, regardless. That’s something I prepare myself for every-day, considering we have Johan Santana, Chris Young, and Jon Niese in the starting rotation.

    These guys aren’t “rocks”, by any stretch of the imagination. There’s always that possibility that something happens, and that you’re going to be needing innings.

    For now, get either of Hefner or Batista (*blech*) going — then revisit the situation to see how McHugh and Harvey are doing after a couple of starts that way.

    Who knows when we’ll REALLY need these guys. Could be at the drop of a hat.

    Best of luck to Dillon Gee…..hopefully, the Met doctors do right by you this time.

  7. micalpalin July 12, 2012 at 12:29 pm
    Waln: I am not a big fan of AAA. I dont think Harv in AAA all year solves anything. Nor will he be better.

    -Harvey has done 3 things already that tell me he COULD be ready. He has struggled…and adjusted.
    -He is getting outs ….by strikeouts…he is 2nd in the league.
    -He made the all-star team…In that appearance he showed he can perform under the lights.
    -And a 4th, His repetoire complements the Mets rotation. He is a big, righty flamethrower to complement RA’s junk, Santana’s lefty cutter, and Niese’s curve.

    And the clincher: He does not belong in the bigs until he pitches in the bigs. I think he will be hard to move once he is up. Sandy is simply biding time and avoiding the arbitration clock. If he does well in a start or two prior to July31st maybe importing a RH bat becomes more likely as opposed to trading for Bartolo Colon.

    • Walnutz15 July 12, 2012 at 12:50 pm
      I’m not saying he’ll stay there the whole year, or that Triple-A is the best “dip-stick” for a pitcher — to determine what they’re made of.

      However, Harvey does still have some work to do….just ask Wally Backman.

      “For me, he’s still not quite there. But, he’s close….”

      That about says it for me, with the disclaimer that I’d revisit this again – pending Hefner’s results (should they correctly choose to let him pitch over Batista – wink) — and see what Harvey’s done over that span, himself.

      Good to know Harvey’s hungry, and looking to contribute already. It’s always better when a guy feels he belongs, and is confident in himself — than say, a Pelfrey — who let the nerves get the best of him, as a “veteran” pitcher of 5+ years.

      I throw that categorization into quotations for a reason.

      Best thing for all parties involved?

      Met wait on Harvey, to see Hefner contribute a couple of solid starts — and in the process — see some “I know I’m ready and will show you” dominance from Harvey, leading into a “rest-assured” call-up.

      Just my take…..and yes, the Arbitration Clock is a factor, no matter what the Mets say. This is a Bora$ client, afterall.

  8. Izzy July 12, 2012 at 7:17 pm
    Since Alderson’s track record in making moves is at best a D-, the less moves he makes the better off the Mets are. As for Harvey, i guess people want him to win the Cy Young in Buffalo before he’s called up. See the All Star game folks? Lots of guys in it brought up maybe a bit ahead of some has been GMs schedule. I gess sandy wants to see roidal tyoe results before giving a guy a chance. Good thing guys like Trout aren’t in the Met syswtem. They’d be in Brooklyn.
    • Walnutz15 July 13, 2012 at 8:31 am
      I couldn’t care less about the Triple-A All-Star Game. Buffalo, after-all – is the same place that routinely told us that Ryota Igarashi was a HOF-caliber pitcher……before coming up to the Big Club and looking more like (Yama)shit(a).

      In any event, they haven’t ruled out bringing Harvey up. I’d like to see what we currently have (which we haven’t – in terms of Hefner starting), prior to dipping into the well – especially if even one of Harvey’s coaches thinks he might need to refine anything in terms of repertoire.

      Absolutely no need to rush someone up, who thinks he’s going to over-power Major League hitters with a fastball.

      ** I readily admit to having forgotten that Hefner was optioned to Buffalo, himself ———- I’d still call him up before Harvey.

  9. AC Wayne July 12, 2012 at 11:22 pm
    I can’t believe some of you are opting for Hefner, he has no place on an MLB roster…as for Backman’s statements, he has to say something like that, he’s a company man and most likely has been asked by the Mets FO to be in agreement with how they want to handle Harvey..let’s go already, the Mets are a possible second WC at best, let’s see what the Mets farm system has to offer, Gee will probably miss the rest of the season, this is the best time to give one of your young arms a shot, Bartolo Colon, in the words of Keyshawn, “C’MON MAN!
    • Walnutz15 July 13, 2012 at 7:51 am
      “I can’t believe some of you are opting for Hefner, he has no place on an MLB roster.”

      – I think this statement would apply to Schwinden, since Hefner’s starts suggest otherwise.

      * 5/19/2012 – not a start, but appearing after Batista bowed out with back stiffness:

      5 innings, 4 hits, 2 ER against the Jays in Toronto

      * 5/24/2012 –

      3.2 innings, 6 ER against the Pads at Citi Field (the rain delay game where he sat around for an hour, and came back out to pitch after 2 scoreless innings)

      * 5/29/2012 –

      6 innings, 3 ER against Philly at Citi Field

      * 6/6/2012 –

      6 innings, 3 ER against the Nats in Washington

      Not sure what more you’d want from a 5-starter vs. some solid lineups.