Blog Roundup: Speculation and Reflections

I’m going to try a new format for my link dump today, because I’m kind of bored with the bullet points.  I’ll include the links in paragraph form, like some other sites do.  Instructions: when you see a link, click on it.

And away we go…

The Mets have begun to make some minor moves in order to position themselves for the rest of the offseason.  They removed LHP Justin Hampson from the 40-man roster.  He then opted for free agency.  New York also dropped C Rob Johnson from the 40-man roster.  He will also become a free agent.  We’ll always have your 1 scoreless inning on the mound, Rob.

Hampson and Johnson?  Well, there goes our chances for 2013, eh?

These moves are intended to make room for prospects the Mets want to protect from the rule 5 draft.

In other news, the Mets sacked strength and conditioning coach Brad Andress.  Over the past few years, it seems like some Mets players tend to wear down at the end of the season.  See Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy, for instance, in 2012, and Jonathan Niese (pre nose-job) and Dillon Gee in 2011.  Perhaps someone with a new approach will help the team improve in this area.

Collin McHugh’s encounter with a young fan helped him appreciate what he has, instead of dwelling on the way his season ended.

A certain optimistic Mets fan looks at some players who could have bounce back seasons in 2013.

Tejada and David Wright formed a very nice left side of the infield this year.  The big question this offseason is, how much longer will this duo remain together.

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  1. James October 18, 2012 at 8:43 am
    Nice post. The Mets make for scintillating copy in the off season. 😉 Does anyone really believe this team will win a world series before Cubs do? Or before Social security runs out? Or before Romney is able to relate to regular people?

    Anyway, in addition to Tejada and Murphy breaking down, I wonder if Wright’s second half swoon has a conditioning component to it. Ike seemed to get stronger as the year went on, so we will give credit for that.


  2. Dan B October 18, 2012 at 11:29 am
    I think as pitchers realized Duda, Bay, and Davis were not going to hurt them, they started pitching around Wright. He was amoung league leaders in walks and intentional walks. I think it helped Davis that Wright was being pitched around to get to him. In the second half, Davis was getting the RBI opportunities that Wright lost by being pitched around. Wright was also hurt by Tejada’s poor second half. Less people were getting on in front of him.