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Time To Let The Grown-Ups Do Their Job

NOTE: this is a guest post by Joe Spector. Please direct your comments to him.

There’s a false premise many Met fans have had since Sandy Alderson’s arrival. The idea that some Met fans have become Fred Wilpon’s de-facto personal budgeteers; primarily concerned with the man’s bottom line, as if it were “our” money over what’s best for the success of the team. It’s the typical all or nothing mentality that pits groups against groups and here in our case, Met fan versus Met fan. Why? I guess it’s


Mets 2011 End of Season Review

NOTE: This is a guest post by Joe Spector, who has concluded that the Mets season is, for all intents and purposes, over.

This has become an annual bad habit for us hasn’t it? It’s not even Labor Day and Met fans instinctively are talking about next year, something all too familiar the past 4 years. August and September baseball for Met fans – or as it’s become known as – The big yet not so surprising let down that you’ve been expecting all year long but didn’t quite want to admit it because you have faith, sort of, time of the season. Yeah that’s it. Ring a bell?

It has the same disheartening feeling you’d get as a child when


Three Scenarios for Sandy Alderson

NOTE: This is a guest post by Joe Spector, whose work can be found on Metsmerizedonline; you can also follow him on Twitter @Joe_Spector. Enjoy and please direct your comments to him.

Part of being a fan of Baseball, or in our case the Mets, is the fact that as fans, we’re granted the protection from the responsibility of any half-baked, cockamamie, pie-in-the-sky fantasies involving the team we’ve come to love so much. It’s a responsibility so intimately seductive and often practiced here on blogs and bars all across the five boroughs by us fans – the fanatics – where all of us know exactly what’s right for the team, 5 shots of Tequila in. Fortunately our fanaticism shields us from the realities that men like Sandy Alderson deal with dispassionately and with no semblance of protection on a daily basis.

For someone like Alderson, there is no room for