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Mets Pitching Prospect: Matt Bowman

In many respects, Mets pitching prospect Matthew Bowman is not unlike the hundreds of other young pitchers that have passed under the tutelage of current Sand Gnats pitching coach Frank Viola. Although undoubtedly promising, Bowman, the Mets 11th-round pick out of Princeton University last season, nevertheless lacks the tantalizing repertoire or highly heralded prospect status […]

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Should Mets Pursue Kyle Lohse?

The Mets recent ill-fated pursuit of Michael Bourn, and the controversy surrounding the compensation issue, got me thinking: If MLB does eventually come around on the issue, should the Mets pursue Kyle Lohse?

12-13 Offseason

Josh Hamilton Admits to Juicing

Jeff Pearlman had a rather interesting post, implying that Josh Hamilton’s reported 20-pound weight loss this off-season, following his supposed juicing

12-13 Offseason

Spring Trade Candidate: Jose Tabata

For the second time this week, we look at an opposing player who could find himself without a spot on his current team’s 25-man roster, yet might still have enough upside to make sense for consideration by the Mets.

12-13 Offseason

Spring Trade Candidate: Domonic Brown

The swell of players in spring training is too much for a 25-man roster to handle. As a result, trades made in advance of Opening Day often include diamonds in the rough, due to lack of options and other factors. Could Domonic Brown be one of those gems?

12-13 Offseason

How the Mets Might Play Moneyball this Winter

A large part of the Oakland Athletics unexpected success in 2012 can be attributed to Billy Beane‘s ability to find undervalued assets, particularly in the outfield. The rebirth of ‘Moneyball’, if you will. According to FanGraphs WAR, Josh Reddick, Brandon Moss, and Jonny Gomes were worth a combined 9.3 wins last season for Oakland. Given […]

12-13 Offseason

What It Will Take To Acquire Justin Upton – And Why the Mets Should Do It

If there’s one player in baseball capable of solving the myriad problems facing the Mets in 2012, it’s Justin Upton. He plays the outfield. He’s right-handed. He’s not Jason Bay. He’s signed to a fairly team friendly deal through 2015. He’s a childhood friend of David Wright. He’s not Jason Bay. And, when he’s on […]

12-13 Offseason

Is Jon Niese the Next Glendon Rusch?

Matthew Poliout over at NBC’s Hardball Talk blog made an interesting point regarding the significant disparity between Jon Niese’s ERA. last season (4.40) and his FIP (3.36):

11-12 Offseason, Stats

Why the Mets Were Right to Let Reyes Leave

Given all the information available as of December 8th, 2011, I’m willing to declare that the Mets were right to let Jose Reyes, arguably their best homegrown superstar this side of Tom Seaver, leave for the Miami Marlins. With or without Reyes, barring some epic miracle, the Mets will not be contenders in 2012. That […]

11-12 Offseason

Update to Pagan Trade re: Luck

Update to my previous post evaluating the Mets’ trade with the Giants: I’ve heard some people claim that Pagan was unlucky in 2011, while Torres was not. On the surface, it doesn’t appear as though Pagan was much more unlucky than Torres in 2011. Pagan had a .285 BABIP last year, compared to career average […]

11-12 Offseason

Mets Moves Evaluated

Mets trade OF Angel Pagan to San Francisco for OF Andres Torres and RP Ramon Ramirez: The Mets got the upper hand of this deal, period. It’s not blatantly obvious, mind you; for all I know, Pagan will be worth 6 WAR season next year, while Kirk Nieuwenhuis will displace Torres as the starting center […]

11-12 Offseason

Would You Trade Fernando Martinez for Chris Tillman?

According to Roch Kubatko of MASN, the Orioles “would be willing to” trade right-hander Chris Tillman. If you recall, Tillman, who will be just 24 next year, was, not too long ago, one of the most highly regarded pitching prospects in the game. Drafted in the second round of the 2006 draft by Seattle, the […]

11-12 Offseason

Time is Ripe to Trade Dan Murphy

I know conventional wisdom says the Mets, a financially strapped team that is at least another season away from contention, should almost certainly hold on to a guy like Daniel Murphy, but I can’t help but think they’re best off trading him this winter. First and foremost, this is assuming the Mets have completely buried […]

11-12 Offseason

Should Brad Emaus Have Been Demoted?

Note: this is a post by Matt Himelfarb. Please direct your comments to him. So Brad Emaus’s short lived tenure in Flushing has drawn to a close, after the Mets announced they have DFA’d the Rule Five draftee. I agree with

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Manny Retirement Underscores Hypocrisy

NOTE: this is an article by Matt Himelfarb. It is entirely his opinion on the situation, and not necessarily one I (Joe Janish) agree with — but, it’s a free country and we like to share all viewpoints here for discussion and debate. That said, direct your comments to Matt. As most you are probably […]

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