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Breaking News: K-Rod Ain’t So Tough

Image via Hot Foot

Admit it… you thought K-Rod was cool.

His take-no-prisoners approach to baseball and life really spoke to your sensibilities as a Mets fan. The guy had it all – a shaky delivery, a big contract, a balky ankle, an attitude problem, an anger management issue and boy, was that guy tough. He beat up his coach AND his father-in-law in the same season. He lives the life we can only dream of!

Well, not so much, apparently. Turns out Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez is as brittle as an old lady playing in the NFL.

MetsBlog is reporting that K-Rod tore a ligament in his right thumb while he was manhandling an old man. Ouch! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer moron.

Now the Mets don’t have to listen to fans booing their decision to let Rodriguez off lightly with a two-day suspension.

Pretty cool, huh?