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From All Corners of the NL- 6/11/12

After yesterday’s excruciating Mets loss against that gross team from the Bronx (which loss isn’t), you might want something to take your mind off the fact that the Mets bullpen is simply horrendous and that Jason Bay and Ike Davis are near-automatic outs. Here are some links from around the NL to do that:

Crashburn Alley (Phillies) took an interesting, graphical look at how much money the Phillies’ many injuries this season have cost them in terms of missed games. I’m sure the Mets chart/graph would be much, much bigger.

Nationals Baseball discussed how the Nats can ride their pitching this season and just hope that the offense will contribute at least something.

Marlins Daily reviewed Miami’s draft results for all 40 rounds, highlighting 1st-round pick Andrew Healey, a pitcher from Oklahoma State.

Blake Street Bulletin (Rockies) made a case for Dexter Fowler to make the All-Star Game.

Dodger Thoughts recapped the odd, combined no-hitter the Mariners threw against the Dodgers on Friday night, a week after Johan’s masterpiece.

View From The Bleachers (Cubs) critiqued a new burger joint, Rockit Burger Bar, that opened this year in Wrigleyville near Wrigley Field. I would bet money that it doesn’t hold a candle to Shake Shack.