Mets Game 131: Win Over Dodgers

Mets 11 Dodgers 3

Not just a win, but an old-fashioned spanking!

Mets Game Notes

The Mets beat Kevin Correia to a pulp, then pummeled Carlos Frias, as well. A thundershower of power reigned (rained?) down on the Dodgers, as the Mets bats struck 12 hits in the first 6 innings.

The charge was led by Lucas Duda, who blasted two homeruns, and, of all people, Ruben Tejada, who reached the seats for the third time this season. Travis d’Arnaud also popped a solo shot — and guess what? He has a dozen dingers this year. That didn’t seem likely back in May, did it?

Bartolo Colon returned from inaction without missing a beat, performing his usual artistry of painting the corners for six innings, allowing two runs on five hits and a walk.

Oh, and the Mets turned a triple play!

This game might turn out to be the highlight of August, though there are still six games left this month.

Next Mets Game

The Mets batters, I’m sure, are tired from swinging, so luckily they have the day off on Monday as they travel back to the Right Coast. The Mets host the Braves in Flushing on Tuesday at 7:10 PM. Dillon Gee goes to the hill against Alex Wood.

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  1. crozier August 25, 2014 at 10:07 pm
    Also, Wright hit a single. Have you charted his numbers over the last month, Joe? He has as many extra-base hits over that time as fellow team mate deGrom, who like Wright has a double. Wright’s driven in four runs over that time period. Yes: four, one less than Duda yesterday.

    Yet he continues to bat third, where he’s doing no one any good. Yeah, I know, who else are you going to put there? To which I say, who wouldn’t do better in that slot at this point?

    As for Duda, thank goodness d’Arnaud is showing a decent amount of power; if Wright were batting behind him, I doubt Duda would see another decent pitch this year.

    • Joe Janish August 26, 2014 at 12:43 pm
      Geez. I keep telling myself, “it’s only June, David Wright will be fine.” But now it’s the end of August. Oh my.
  2. DaveSchneck August 26, 2014 at 1:57 pm
    DW is clearly the Mets biggest many problems. He and Granderson have been the biggest reasons why the Mets are out of the WC race. These guys are now #6 and #7 hitters, and anything more than that is gravy. Collins should make this move right now, but as Crozier notes, he doesn’t have the horses to fill those spots. For 2015, to be taken seriously, Alderson needs to acquire a SS and OF to cover the #1 and #3 spots in the lineup, and he needs to obtain guys that can legitimately be counted on. As of today, he can more or less count on #2 Murphy, #4 Duda, #5,#6,#7 some combo of TDA, DW and Grandy, and #8 Lagares and/or hit platoon. A big RF power bat would be best, and Grandy could move to LF, where he is better suited defensively. Filling these spots will be tough, as everyone needs #1 and #3 hitters that can play D, and the supply is much lower than the demand. This is why Colon will be dealt, as the Wilpons need every penny and/or prospect they can garner to fill those two spots.
    • Joe Janish August 26, 2014 at 5:12 pm
      I wonder if Wright would have been slumping all year if Granderson started out hot hitting behind him, and remained in the cleanup spot. Granderson starting off horrifically confirmed suspicions and scouting reports that he was no longer a threat, and as a result, no one pitched to Wright.

      I know Duda has developed into a legit power threat, but I don’t believe other teams have taken him seriously — and if any have, it’s been very recent. If Duda can be protection behind Wright, maybe Wright hits better. I’m also not convinced Wright has been 100% healthy all year.