Mets Game 146: Win Over Rockies

Mets 2 Rockies 0

Jenrry Mejia didn’t provide quite the same excitement as the evening before, so the entertainment value of this game was a little lower, but in the end the Mets swept the Rox and that’s all that matters to Mets fans.

Mets Game Notes

This didn’t feel like a “pitchers’ duel,” but rather, just a boring ballgame. Though, I do admit to my attention being divided thanks to the news that our country is now on record with going to war. Or maybe it had something to do with the Rox being a really, really crappy team right now.

Rafael Montero earned his first MLB win. He reminded me of a poor man’s Orlando Hernandez, in that he seemed to purposely keep the ball outside of the strike zone most of the time, looking to get strikes from swings and misses at breaking pitches and sinking fastballs off the edges of the plate. It worked well enough, as he no-hit the Rockies through four and two-thirds innings. However, that strategy also ran up his pitch count to 90 through five frames.

I nearly fell off my chair when the word “kinesiology” was uttered in the SNY booth by Ron Darling — that may have been the first time ever. However, it was unfortunately referenced to former MLB pitcher Mike Marshall, who created an entirely new way to toss a baseball, which has nothing to do with what scientists describe as the “overhead throwing motion.” It’s truly a shame that the rare times anyone in baseball mentions kinesiology, they can’t help themselves but to mention Marshall, whose theories, research, and methods remain questionable and not accepted by the majority of the scientific community despite over 30 years of experimentation. Why can’t baseball people mention kinesiology and talk instead about the many years of evidence-based research that has been proven to keep arms healthy? Is it because the evidence is not worthy of baseball’s attention unless it’s “discovered” by a former MLB pitcher? Sure seems that way. Maybe some day a former Cy Young Award winner will make a second career in science and be the “prophet.” And please don’t mention Tom House in the comments — his doctorate is in nutrition, and has only very basic surface knowledge of human kinetics; in other words, he knows enough to be dangerous.

Not sure I agree with giving Drew Stubbs third base with two outs in a 2-0 game and Jeurys Familia on the mound, considering Stubbs’ speed and Familia’s habit of spiking pitches. I understand the short backstop argument, but also know that a spiked fastball tends to jump high and unpredictably. As it turned out, the steal by Stubbs was moot as Familia didn’t throw a wild pitch, but I’m going on record with my opinion despite the benefit of hindsight.

Next Mets Game

Mets next host the Nationals in Flushing on Thursday night at 7:10 PM. Bartolo Colon faces Tanner Roark.

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  1. DaveSchneck September 11, 2014 at 8:13 am
    For a moment I thought you were in the booth. It is probably a 1,000 to 1 shot, especially given that the Mets cannot beat the Nats in their own building, but wouldn’t it be something if the Mets made a playoff run here without their captain?