Game 73: Win

Mets 6 Blue Jays 1

Before the game, the Blue Jays, Michael Kay of WFAN, and several others conceded that the Mets are probably strong enough to play in the American League. Not sure what that means … I’m guessing they mean that the Mets would do well if they chose to play a modified form of baseball, that one with the DH.

In any case, the Mets did prove in this game that they could beat a modified baseball team, and handily. Tom Glavine threw a gem, hitting spots and changing speeds as he always does. In fact, one could say he was getting squeezed in the early innings, yet still was able to paint the corners and be successful.

Even though the Jays hit around .315 against lefthanders coming into the game, and smacked eight hits in seven innings against Glavine, Tommy spread out the hits well, and relied on the Mets’ solid defense to hold the Jays’ bats at bay. Glavine very well could have finished this game, with a five-run lead and pitching effortlessly, but he hit the 100-pitch mark and had to be removed by law. (Interesing, I didn’t think that law applied under Canadian governance.)

Once again, David Wright hit the big blow in the game, a three-run homer in the top of the third, further deserving his All-Star lead. After Wright’s 18th home run bounced off the face of the upper deck, the Mets put it on cruise control, and won easily.


Lastings Milledge hit a bomb to dead center and made two spectacular catches. There’s no question he belongs at the ML level. Though he’s far from being a star, he’s more than adequate, and his combination of speed, defense, and occasional pop makes him a valuable player in the lineup. I’m still convinced that Omar Minaya is hard on the phones trying to make a deal involving Xavier Nady, to clear room for Milledge and Floyd. Lastings, btw, seems to be standing a little more straight up; not sure if that’s on purpose or not. When he first came up, he’d wiggle the bat, then calm down and go into a semi-crouch. He still has the same type of movement, but doesn’t crouch quite as much. I’d be curious to know if this is a conscious adjustment.

Nady, by the way, went the other way again on a two-strike count, and ended up with a triple. He’s definitely making the correct adjustments, and is continuing to develop as a hitter.

Dirty Sanchez left the game after two pitches, clutching his right arm. After the game it was reported that he felt tingling from his right shoulder going down to his fingers. That’s not good. It sounds like an impingement, or similarly pinched nerve. Hopefully he doesn’t have bone deposits or anything that requires surgery. Maybe he’ll just need some acupuncture or a chiropractic adjustment. Gosh I hope so.

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