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Would you like your name in lights, distributed throughout ESPN’s Sweet Spot Network? MetsToday is seeking a few more people to fill out the staff — apply today.

Writers for the following roles will be considered; please throw in your hat ONLY if you are truly interested in the role and can meet the expectations.

Daily News
Writing short, concise, accurate news pertaining directly to the Mets, that day’s Mets’ opponent, or significant news involving an NL East team (i.e., player injury or transaction). Writers are NOT expected to “scoop” news nor be the first to report news — this role is for re-hashing information from other sources, and the main goal is accuracy / ensuring the news is legitimate. If you are interested in this role, please provide:

1. Days of the week and time(s) of day you are available to write (i.e., morning, afternoon, evening).
2. Links to any writing you’ve published online. If you don’t have any links to provide, please write a sample in the body of the form.

Game Recaps
Writing coherent, accurate game recaps based on your personal viewing of the game (not a re-hash based on the boxscore or others’ recaps). Stronger consideration given to applicants with baseball playing or coaching experience at any level. Please provide:
1. Days of the week you are able to watch entire Mets games and write the recap afterward.
2. Links to any writing you’ve published online.
3. Brief description of any baseball playing/coaching experience you have.
4. Any other information that makes you an ideal candidate for this role.

Writing, at least once per week, statistic-based articles and analysis pertaining to the Mets. We would love to see a mix of explanatory pieces (i.e., “WAR and VORP explained”) for the neophyte and advanced articles that appeal to the SABR crowd. Please provide:
1. Links to any stat-based research articles you’ve published online.
2. Any degrees, memberships, or accreditation that prove you are pretty good with numbers and research.
3. Any other information that makes you an ideal candidate for this role.

Please understand that, depending on how many applications are sent in, you may not receive a response — don’t take it personally. Also, you’re urged to apply for the role that best suits your availability, interest, and experience. Those who apply for multiple roles are likely to go to the trash bin.

Thanks very much for applying!

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The MetsToday news staff consists of various contributors and fact-checkers.