Dirt on Church?

At first glance, Ryan Church seems like a nice, quiet guy who will fit right in to the Mets lineup and clubhouse.

Not so fast … after reading a post and its comments on Capitol Punishment, I found out that Ryan Church is …

– maybe the dumbest guy on the planet;

– a laid-back California (idiot) dude;

– a whiner;

– a big mouth;

– the victim of a golden shower;

– a bigot;

– an anti-semite;

– a “Nazi ba$!ard”;

Gosh, makes Lastings Milledge sound like a choir boy.

In addition, I learned Church uses “Crazy Train” as his theme music, which in my mind is a good thing.

If Ryan Church is in fact the loudmouth bigot the DC fans know him to be, I think he may have a hard time in NYC. Time will tell.

BTW, the aforementioned article also refers to former Nat Endy Chavez as a “crapbag”.

I will not cast the first stone on any of this, but you are free to comment as you wish.

Hat tip to ‘Ropolitans for the original link at Capitol Punishment.

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