Time For Lohse?

Most will agree Kyle Lohse was not worth the four-year, multimillion-dollar contract he was seeking over the winter. In fact, he wasn’t worth a three-year, nor two-year deal, either.

But how about a one-year deal? For somewhere between $4-10M, which is reportedly what he’s seeking at this juncture?

I like what I’ve seen of Mike Pelfrey so far this spring, but he wows us every spring, doesn’t he? And we’re still waiting to see an offspeed pitch from him. Right now, he still has middle-reliever stuff — not enough to get through a lineup more than once.

El Duque is a disaster. This toe thing is not going to get better, and changing his mechanics at this point in his career is a near guarantee of hurting something else. I’ve written him off already.

Now with Jason Vargas having mysterious hip issues (something he caught from Carlos Delgado?), the fifth-starter depth is getting scary. We weren’t counting on anything from Vargas in the early part of the season, but it was nice to know he was available.

The Mets do have Jorge Sosa, but supposedly are shopping him. Maybe he’s off the table now … or maybe not. Despite his early season success last year, I’m not sold on him as a starting pitcher. Like Pelfrey, he throws one speed — and hitters catch up quickly. I do like Sosa in a relief role, but his days as a Met appear to be numbered.

Signing Lohse wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. As a fifth starter, he’d be fine, and would allow Pelfrey to continue developing at AAA and let El Duque vacation until August. If by chance Hernandez or Pelfrey is ready to take over the #5 spot, I think Lohse’s stuff would translate well in a bullpen role — and he’s young enough to make the transition.


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  1. sincekindergarten March 6, 2008 at 3:20 pm
    Makes sense to me. Omar . . . *ahem* . . .