I Don’t Get It

Jose Reyes on cover of 2k8 sports MLB baseball video gameIf you have been watching the SNY broadcasts of the Mets spring training games, you likely have seen the TV commercial for 2K Sports MLB video game, featuring Jose Reyes (who happens to be on the cover of the game package).

If you haven’t seen it, it begins with what looks to be a clubhouse guy polishing a bat and counting … presumably, counting the number of wipes he does with the rag on the bat. Jose comes into the scene with a boom box playing loud music. The clubhouse guy whacks the boombox with the bat, then goes back to his wiping and counting. Reyes looks at him and starts laughing.

OK, so, there’s *some* humor in the guy stopping what he’s doing, whacking the boombox, and going right back to what he was doing as if nothing ever happened. That’s about it. The rest of the commercial makes no sense, and really isn’t that funny.

Or have I lost my sense of humor?

The regular season cannot come soon enough …

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