I Sing the Body Electric

The American FlagI’ve been waiting three years to use that headline.

You may have read or seen the news that people were lining up outside the SNY studios as early as 3am yesterday to audition for a chance to sing the national anthem at Shea Stadium. In fact, I feel bad for not announcing this golden opportunity to MetsToday readers — I hope you forgive me.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea; who knows, maybe the process will uncover someone truly worthy who has needed something like this to make the big time. I do, however, have one issue.

Why in the world would one sing anything other than The Star-Spangled Banner in the audition?

Last night on SNY, the showed snippets of some of the people who auditioned. Some sounded good, others … well, not so good to my ears. Whatever. But the strange thing was that there were a number of people who were singing songs other than the national anthem. Why? Why in the world would you sing any song other than the one you would be singing at Shea Stadium?

My nameless wife (OK, it’s about time already we identify her by her name, Amy) had this hypothesis:

“Perhaps those people didn’t know the words to the Star-Spangled Banner, and figure that they’ll learn the words (or someone will teach them) if they make it to the second round.”

Frighteningly enough, it makes sense.

Would you audition for the singing of the national anthem if you didn’t know the words? FYI, I’m pretty sure they don’t set up a karaoke screen behind home plate to help out.

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