Subway Series: Part 3

Seeing how Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy have been struggling, would you do the Philip Hughes / Ian Kennedy / Melky Cabrera for Johan Santana deal today? Why or why not?

I was hoping the Yanks made that deal over the winter although many Yankee fans I know–including my co-host at Bronx Banter Cliff and many of our readers–were dead set against giving up Hughes and IPK for Santana. Considering how Hughes and Kennedy have done this year, it’s easy to say the Yanks should have made the deal, but it’s way to early to make that call yet. Will probably be a few years before we have any sense of how it turned out. Again, though I was for the trade, I can’t fault the Yankees’ thinking–going with their youngsters. Also, they would have had to shell out so much dough on top of losing the kids. So nah, I don’t look back with regret. Hell, the signing the Yanks never made that really came back to haunt them was not inking Carlos Beltran, who would have been ideal to replace Bernie Williams. Instead, they forked over big bucks for Tony Womack, Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano. That one still smarts.

Tampa Bay is in first, the Yankees are about to replace the Blue Jays in the cellar, and Carlos Quentin is leading the AL in homers. In other words, it’s mid-May of any given baseball season. Are there any realistic concerns from the Yankees fans’ perspective right now, or are most chalking it up to the traditional slow start?

Although the Yanks have been worse to begin the season in recent years, I think this team is in worse condition. They really feel like a team in transition, and although I’m sure they will recover some, they’ve got a bunch of guys getting old fast–Damon, Giambi, Mussina, even Matsui and Abreu to come extent. Course they are the most expensive transition team in history. LOL. They don’t have a lot of bats that scare you without Jorge and Alex Rodriguez in the line up do they? I don’t think they’ll make the post-season this year, and while I’m sure I’ll be pulling my hair out come September, the thought of it doesn’t bother me as much as it would have in years past. Also, the way the baseball fates work, it would just seem to make sense that in the final year of Yankee Stadium, the team’s October run would come to an end. It might not be fitting for us Yankee fans, or for the Yankees and MLB, but I think that’s the way it’s gunna turn out.

There’s still more to come … in the next part of our series, I offer Alex a trade: Willie Randolph for Joe Girardi. Get a cup of coffee and check back here in a bit to see if he takes the bait …

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