Subway Series: Part 5 (Final)

Who is Edwar Ramirez and why doesn’t he have a “d” at the end of his first name? Seriously, he looks pretty nasty so far … might he be an answer in the late innings?

He’s got a nice change up, but he was up and down last year. And right now, the end of the game is the least of the Yankees concern. Ohlendorf has pitched well, and hell, even Cooter Farmadooke hasn’t been the frustrating meathead that he usually is. Of course, Chamberlain is tough and then there is the great Mariano. My friend Steve Goldman recently said that watching Mariano these days must have been like what watching Fred Astaire was like at the end of his career. He’s still so graceful, his delivery so smooth and seemingly effortless. I don’t know if there is another player that makes me appreciate the moment more than Rivera. I feel so fortunate to have watched him all these years. You know the old saying about how the great ones are more than just their numbers? I really get that feeling with Rivera, who has two gut-wrenching playoff loses to his name, but still he’s been so great for so long. And getting back to the numbers, here is one that still gets me excited: 0.77 ERA in 117 career post season innings. Amazing.

Any other “unknowns” to watch for this weekend?

I’d expect the Mets to take two of three, especially with Santana pitching. Cano had four hits tonight, maybe he’s starting to hit. But without Rodriguez and Posada, lefties really give them trouble. And right now, they are offensively…challenged.

Finally, how do you feel about this annual Subway Series? Is it me or is this thing getting a little tired?

I haven’t really enjoyed the subway serious in a long time. I know MLB wants to maximize the moolah, but if there has to be interleague play I’d have the Yanks and Mets play one, three-game series each year, taking turns, one year in the Bronx, the next in Queens. That might give the match-up a little more urgency. Otherwise, I think it’s just hype. I’d rather the Yankees face the Indians or the Angels more than some random NL teams–they are playing the Reds this summer…okay…The series is really for the fans, and I suppose heads still get amped for it, still turn out and enjoy the bragging rights. But there is nothing special about the subway series. It’d be special if it happened in the World Serious. Otherwise, it’s just another series, with a lot of racket around it.

Subway “serious” and “World Serious” … loving that … those who are avid readers of Ring Lardner should appreciate that one. Here’s to hoping Alex is right about the weekend, especially that part abou the Mets taking two out of three.

Thanks again to Alex Belth for giving us a full day’s worth of opinion from the Yankees fan’s perspective. Be sure to check out Bronx Banter, Alex’s columns on Sports Illustrated, and his excellent book on Curt Flood.

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  1. julie May 16, 2008 at 3:39 pm
    I also feel that it’s tired. Not liking the DH, I prefer we not play these inter-league games.
  2. sincekindergarten May 16, 2008 at 6:27 pm
    Now, it’s rained out.