Mets Game 40: Win Over Yankees

Mets 7 Yankees 4

Johan Santana allowed four earned runs, but was in complete control of the game and pitched into the eighth inning in leading the Mets to a much-needed win over the crosstown Yankees.

Both David Wright and Carlos Beltran had 3-for-5 days, scoring four runs between them, and both Wright and Jose Reyes sent balls over the wall to propel the offense.

The Mets were stymied by starter Andy Pettitte the first time through the lineup, but got to him the second time around, scoring three runs in the fourth to go ahead for good.

Billy Wagner made a rare 8th inning entry to rescue Johan, then struggled a bit in the ninth before notching his ninth save of the season.


Carlos Beltran slammed his third triple of the year in the eighth off Joba Chamberlain. He eventually scored on a rare two-out RBI single by Carlos Delgado.

Until that single, Oldgado was looking awful, striking out twice and popping up weakly. Though he did sneak in another single at some point in the game … I must have missed it.

Next Game

The final game of the series will be played tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium at 8pm. Oliver Perez goes against Chien-Ming Wang. Unfortunately, the game will be carried on FOX (oops, I meant ESPN … almost as bad). You can also catch it on WFAN and XM 186. Kind of strange the Mets aren’t giving John Maine the start, but oh well.

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  1. isuzudude May 17, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    Ok, JimmyJ, where ever you might be, here’s a post directed at you…

    If you watched today’s ballgame, I hope you noticed that Willie had his team doing many of the things you acuse him of never doing. Such as:
    1. Being patient at the plate. Not only drawing 4 walks, including 1 with the bases loaded, but also fouling off pitches, with Delgado’s at-bat in the top of the 9th standing out most vividly in my head. Although, I’m not sure how Willie is in control of getting his players to foul of pitches. I mean, is it his fault a Mets hitter swings and misses? It must be, since the philosophy you abide by preaches, “When in doubt, blame Willie.”
    2. Hitting and Running. I can recall two examples right off the bat, although neither resulted in a hit or a stolen base. But just because those two stats don’t show up in the boxscore doesn’t mean Willie didn’t try it in the game.
    3. Grinding out a victory. Down 2-0 early, striking out a ton, the Mets rallied for a hard fought win in a hostile environment. Willie has got to deserve some type of credit for rallying the troops and pushing the right buttons to get them there.

    Again, this is what happens when the players perform up to their standards and execute. When Reyes is hitting (which he did), when the starting pitcher lasts into the 7th (which he did), when the bullpen holds the lead (which it did), and when the Mets get some timely hits and lucky bounces (which they did), they are going to be a really hard team to beat. And none of the above has anything to do with Willie’s management skills.

    I’m not optimstic about a sweep, but boy would that be nice.

  2. isuzudude May 17, 2008 at 9:13 pm
    And actually, the game tomorrow will be on ESPN and not FOX, although both broadcasts are equally as intolerable. And I think Perez keeps the start because the Yankees are hitting something like .220 vs. LHP this season.
  3. Coop May 18, 2008 at 1:54 pm
    Well I think Ollie does favor a lefty heavy lineup. Should be a good game. Hopefully CMW gets exposed for the fraud he is
  4. sincekindergarten May 18, 2008 at 4:41 pm
    Coop, I’d say that CMW has been doing pretty well over the last couple of years. 46-18, 218.1 Ip in ’06, and 199.1 IP in ’07. If he’s a “fraud,” I want to go to that school to learn how I can put up numbers like that in the last two years.
  5. JIMMYJ723 May 19, 2008 at 12:56 am
    1. “I’m not sure how Willie is in control of getting his players to foul of pitches.” Are you serious??? Every heard of the Oakland Athletics organization? They live by the philosophy of being patient at the plate and making pitchers work.

    2. Wow, Willie finally called a hit and run. For what, the 5th time in 41 games?

    3. Yes, it was a great victory. And they swept the shortened series, just like I said they would. I hate to be so cynical, I really do but I’ve seen this all before. As soon as I get excited and assume that we’re gonna finally go on an extended winning streak, we start playing sloppy. Then we start losing games we SHOULD have won but didn’t because of “BAD BREAKS.” It’s amazing how many games we lose because of “bad breaks” under Willie.

    I wish we would play like we did on Saturday more often. It was a great game. Unfortunately, I think games like that are the exception, thus our 22-19 record.

  6. isuzudude May 19, 2008 at 6:08 am
    Hey Jim, how many different managers have the A’s had since they’ve adopted the philosphy of being patient at the plate? Taking it back to 2000, the first time they made the playoffs since 1992, they’ve had Art Howe, Ken Macha, and Bob Geren. If the A’s management has it so right with their patient approach at the plate, why have they gone through 3 managers during this span? Oh, because patience is only a philosophy you can PREACH, not CONTROL. Again, my man, the Mets rank 3rd in the NL in walks. Is that not patient enough for you? I know you would like to see the team foul off 10 pitches in every at bat, but that’s not realistic, and it’s completely out of the control of the manager. Willie’s not the one up their trying to make contact with the bat – the players are – so if you have a problem with their ability to get foul balls, take it up with them, not the manager.

    The bottom line is that Willie did all the things you said he never does during this two game series, in which the Mets made the Yankees their bitches. So obviously, the problem is not Willie. The problem is players who fail to execute, who lose concentration, and who just don’t have enough talent to accomplish what we’re asking for. You’re demanding that Willie squeeze 100 wins out of a team that is collectively hitting .258 with hardly any power (despite your insistence that they always “swing for the fences”) or ability to drive in runners on base. I say that once the PLAYERS start pulling their own weight around here (which means Reyes hitting better than .260, Wright better than .275, Delgado better than .230, Castillo better than .250, and Beltran better than .245), this team is going to take off. And case in point was this weekend. You’re absolutely right that, in the past, this would be the time the Mets fall on their faces again and start playing sloppy for whatever reason. Let’s hope that their team meeting on Friday straightened them out, and that they’ve finally started to turn the corner and begin their ascension in the standings.