Pre-game to Mets Game #70

Where is Trot Nixon?

Or as my wife quipped, “why are they not trotting out Trot?”

Another observation: why in the world is Luis Aguayo on the coaching staff? Further, why is he — and not Ken Oberkfell — the third base coach?

And as MetsToday loyal reader Julie asked, “how did Sandy Alomar get a free pass?”

A good question for Tony Bernazard … oops, I mean, Omar Minaya.

Finally, how funny is it that SNY covered the Willie firing similarly to CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina? Please oh please find one more pundit to tell me that the Mets didn’t handle the situation properly — I still haven’t been convinced. Maybe if you could get the editor of the junior high school newspaper to come on to tell us (pending his/her parent’s permission), I’d believe it.

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  1. julie June 18, 2008 at 3:13 pm
    Where is Trot? Why isn’t he playing every game?

    Someone wrote in an article that Bernazard was reporting to players, (latin players)
    information Willie discussed about players in closed meetings with Omar and the Wilpons. I’m really not liking this organization and their Mickey Mouse way of running things.

  2. joe June 18, 2008 at 6:31 pm
    funny you should say “Mickey Mouse” … I was thinking the EXACT same phrase today, harking back to the A-Rod comments of years ago.