Game 117: Loss

Phillies 13 Mets 0


Pedro gives up six runs in the first inning, Darren Oliver does one better in a hair under four innings of relief, and the Mets offense garners a lousy four hits (three singles) against a 22-year-old.

What’s worse, is Pedro left the game due to a “tight” calf. So now we have shoulder, back, hip, and calf issues to be concerned with in regard to our ace pitcher and Game One Playoff Starter.

Surely there’s a silver lining in this debacle of a game, somewhere …

Ah yes, Royce Ring threw two competent innings of relief, and Roberto Hernandez pitched a nearly perfect eighth. And the previously slumping Lastings Milledge produced half of the Mets’ total offensive output — against the young phenom Cole Hamels no less.


Not much to say … other than continue to root for a Shawn Green trade. Maybe the Mets will get Green, pick up Preston Wilson for nothing, and have a great RF platoon for the playoffs. If those two guys can play like they were 28 years old again, we could really have something. Then again, if they just continue to do what they’re doing at their current age, it should still be better than the potential Milledge/Tucker/Ledee combination.

In fact, picking up either Green or Wilson would be a great idea. Consider that both of these players were considered the centerpiece of their respective lineups over the last 5-6 years; the #3 or cleanup hitter. While both are well past their peak, either is capable of going on the type of hot streak that can carry a team. Sure, it may not happen, but it COULD. In contrast, no matter how hot Michael Tucker gets, I don’t see him putting the Mets on his shoulders and carrying them anywhere. With the Mets’ current pitching situation, I think it’s key to get as much offense into 1-8 as possible. Unless Houston makes the playoffs, the Mets are unlikely to see more than one “shutdown” pitcher in a series. So, if they can just stay in games and let the offense pound away, there’s a good chance of getting through to the World Series. How do you think a guy like Jason Marquis or Derek Lowe will fare against a Mets lineup that buries the bat of Shawn Green in the eight hole?

Here’s a terrible tidbit … Anyone remember the Mets’ pinch-hitters last year? They led the NL with a .287 average, .355 OBP, and a .734 OPS. This year? DEAD LAST in the NL in every possible category (except RBI; they’re tied for second-to-last), highlighted by an atrocious .193 average, .244 OBP, and .519 OPS. That’s right, the Mets’ 2006 PH’ers are about as dangerous as Doug Flynn.

El Duque tonight vs. Randy Wolf.

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