Minaya Makes a Move

That’s right, Mets GM Omar Minaya has finally made a move …

According to various reports — several of which are nearly reliable — Minaya has shifted the weight on his buttocks to his right hand. Previously, Minaya had been sitting with equal weight on both hands.

Whether this development will lead to a waiver claim, trade, or free-agent signing is anybody’s guess. However, it happened almost immediately after the Diamondbacks dealt for Adam Dunn.

What might this change in posture suggest? Here are some unqualified possibilities…

Luis Ayala

The rumor at the trade deadline was that the Mets were inquiring about the Nationals’ Ayala, and now the talks can gain fury with the Mets in DC. Considering Ayala’s 6.09 ERA, let’s hope the fury fizzles.

Ian Snell
Another rumor had the Mets going after another pitcher destroyed by the Pirates. Perhaps a 10-minute adjustment and move to the ‘pen can yield another Ollie Perez? Doubtful, but it’s worth a shot.

Jamie Walker

The O’s lefthander has had elbow issues this year, suffers from the gopher ball, and is due $4.5M next year. But hey, he cleared waivers, so that’s something!

Rafael Betancourt

My most recent fascination. Based on his stuff and mystery to the NL, I’m convinced he can pull off a one-month stint reminiscent of Guillermo Mota’s 2006 September. Probably won’t happen.

Brett Myers

Wouldn’t it be funny if the Phillies put Myers on waivers, and the Mets claimed him? Probably not happening, and I’d prefer not to have a convicted wife-beater on the club anyway.

Tyler Walker

Different isn’t necessarily better.

Scott Strickland

Strick is tearing it up in AAA, yet the pitching-starved Yankees refuse to promote him. Maybe they’d be willing to trade him for, say, Scott Schoeneweis?

Gary Sheffield
After missing out on Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, Ivan Rodriguez, Dunn, and other veteran bats, Minaya may be after Sheff — particularly now, after Sheffield complained about being platooned. Yeah, the bullpen looks sick, but maybe the Mets can try scoring more runs than the relievers let up. Problem is, where will they fit his .210 average into the lineup?

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