Diamonds Or Mets Tickets?

diamonds.jpgA friend of mine recently “popped the question” to his girlfriend / now fiancee. I forgot to ask whether he proposed with a diamond ring or Mets season tickets.

Actually, I can’t lay claim to that joke — it’s from a great op-ed article in Newsday titled “My Mets Tickets Cost More than Diamonds“. It’s written by 20-year Mets season-ticket holder who was told that the price of his four Shea Stadium loge-level tickets would be increasing from $27,000 to $48,600 for equivalent seats in the new Citi Field — and that cost does NOT include parking!

Before you crack out the calculator, that’s an 80% increase, and averages out to $150 per seat, per game. As author of the article Rob Feldman states,

I had anticipated an increase, but 80 percent? I called John (the ticket rep) back. Did I miss something? Did he forget to tell me it included a condo or a timeshare in Port St. Lucie? I repeated, “$48,600?”

citi_field.jpgMany of you may recall my own frustration with the increase in Mets ticket prices; I refused to pay a 25% increase for a weekday package. It was tough, because of that veiled threat “those with 2008 season ticket packages will have first crack at 2009 tickets in Citi Field”. Hearing this story, I’m glad I took my chances — I doubt I’ll be able to afford a “camp days” package in 2009.

Feldman’s plight is well-written, and puts things in perspective. He writes,

Skipping one game would cover the increase in gas expenses for a year.

Two games and I could afford the annual increase in the cost of heating and cooling my house.

Three games and I could spring for a brand-new high-definition TV with surround sound and a fancy popcorn maker so I could watch the games from the comfort of my climate-controlled home, where there’s never a line for the bathroom and the food is much more reasonably priced.

Forgo four games and a family could have a wonderful Caribbean or Disney vacation.

Suddenly, I’m not so excited about Citi Field. More stunning, I’m learning to appreciate that lovable rat hole called Shea.

One of the closing paragraphs echoes my concerns:

We hear the new Citi Field will be fan friendly. Will the actual fans be able to afford games at Citi Field or will the attendees be guests of various corporations?

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  1. Andrew Vazzano August 23, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    I love getting tickets for $5 to sit in the nosebleeds…but I hate paying $15 to park and another $15 to eat. Glad I don’t have a family to feed.

  2. isuzudude August 23, 2008 at 6:08 pm
    I bought tickets to the Sept 13th game vs Atlanta for myself and my gf 4 rows behind the 3rd base dugout for $192 apiece, and I thought that was steep.

    It sounds like it would be less expensive to go to an opposing team’s stadium, buy tickets on stubhub, and pay for transportation and a hotel room than to go to CitiField. If people think Mets fans travel well now, just wait…