Mets Game 144: Win Over Nationals

Mets 10 Nationals 8

This is supposed to be the easy part of the schedule.

The Mets gave starter Oliver Perez a 2-0 lead, he blew it, then they gave him a 5-2 lead, and he blew that too. In fact, Ollie blew, period, allowing seven runs on eight hits and two walks in only three and a third. Nelson Figueroa did not help matters, allowing both inherited runners to score, swelling Ollie’s ERA. Olympian Brandon Knight gave up a run in his only inning, but Joe Smith was able to escape the sixth and part of the seventh without seeing someone score.

But the offense kept on going, exploding for ten runs, highlighted by solo blasts off the bats of Carlos Delgado and Ryan Church in the third. Delgado struck again by putting a dent into the AZEK “K” scoreboard in the sixth, following Carlos Beltran’s hugely clutch two-run bomb that put the Mets ahead 9-8.

The always-reliable Mets bullpen took it from there, shutting out the Nationals through the last four innings. Who needs Billy Wagner, anyway?


Luis Ayala earned his sixth save of the season, and Joe Smith earned the win.

Delgado was 3-for-3 with 3 runs and 3 RBI. Each of the first four batters in the lineup collected two hits apiece.

We had a sparse but fun group on during the game … we’ll keep it going and hope to have more of you join in for tomorrow night’s game.

Next Game

The Mets and Nationals do it again at 7:10 pm on Wednesday. Mike Pelfrey goes against Odalis “Don’t Call Me Oliver” Perez.

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  1. sincekindergarten September 10, 2008 at 5:49 am
    Delgado’s hit over 1700 feet of HRs in the last two games. And we wanted to cut the guy in May.

    Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

    Picking up his option is a no-brainer.

  2. isuzudude September 10, 2008 at 6:11 am
    Delgado is a prime MVP candidate without a doubt due to his 2nd half rebirth. It’s going to be unfortunate, though, that most of the “experts” who do the voting are going to be too wrapped up in batting average and overall statistics and probably won’t give Delgado his full props. When will people learn that the Silver Slugger goes to the player who has the best numbers, and the MVP goes to the player who has the most influence in helping a team win? Going by that guideline, give Pujols the Silver Slugger and Delgado the MVP. Anyone disagree?

    By the way, I, for one, never joined the catcalls to “dump” Delgado. I’ll admit to believing that he was a washed up bum, but I never thought the Mets should just sever ties with him. The same, however, can’t be said for how I feel about Castillo…who, by the way, was MIA from yet another game. Shocker.

    I know the evidence is piling up against me because the Mets just keep winning while it’s happening, but I don’t think Church belongs in the two hole. He’s such a free swinger that it negates Reyes’ stealing ability. And we’d all agree he’s much more of a power threat than a table setter, so I would figure batting him 5th or 6th would give him the opportunity to drive in more runs than batting 2nd. Considering yesterday’s lineup was devoid of Castillo and Murphy, I guess the next best option to bat 2nd would have been Easley, who’s more of a contact, singles-hitting batter who can effectively work the count. But again, somehow the Mets keep winning no matter what lineup they produce, so perhaps it’s a moot point. I’m just letting my feelings be known.

    Love to see the Mets win and the Phils lose by the same score. Word up to the Fish for continuing to fight the good fight. Keep it up, fellas!

  3. isuzudude September 10, 2008 at 9:58 am
    Also wanted to bring up Delgado’s snub for a curtain call after HR #2 last night. Funny how back in May (?) he snubbed a curtain call and it was all over the presses and airwaves, but now with the team winning and Delgado a prime MVP candidate, no one mentions a peep about it.
  4. joe September 10, 2008 at 10:28 am
    Winning allows us to glaze over everything. I bet there would have been more of a fuss in the tabloids re: Burgos if the Mets were losing.

    Delgado def. should get consideration for MVP.

    I think Castillo must have reinjured something (pick a body part). There have been some who explained Delgado’s terrible 2007 and early 2008 as being due to various physical ailments, so be careful about your opinion of him at this point. 2008 may be a lost cause but there is always next year.

    I like Church in the two-hole for a number of reasons. Mainly, the fact he gets on base and drives in runs. In April and May he was arguably the best hitter on the team, and you want your best hitter to get an at-bat in the first inning. But also think it’s important for him to get those extra ABs now, so he can get into a rhythm for the final two weeks and into the (fingers crossed) postseason.

    If Church hits like he did in April, and Delgado stays hot, it won’t matter whether Jose Reyes is stealing bases.

  5. Micalpalyn September 10, 2008 at 10:38 am
    Good stuff. i have just a few things.

    Delgado. yes he had the wrist injury. But looking at his Marlins yr…he did very much the same thing in getting hot and lighting up the scoreboard for a long stretch. I agree with Isuzu. 280 and 40HR are not far off.

    CB: metsblog had a terrific article on beltran a few weeks ago. His clutch HR puts him at 23, plus he has 100rbi and 100 runs and a GG. yes he goes on long power outages but his numbers in FOUR years as a Met will look eeerily similar when all is said and done. In fact i’d like to see how he compares to other CFs in the same 4 yr span.

    Ahern: has hit 372 in 43ABs with 5 walks…and NO Xtra base hits. jiust a note.

    Oh and this was a game Mets geek had as a loss…certainly one we look at as a likely loss for the 2007 Mets.