Mets Game 146: Loss to Braves

Braves 3 Mets 2

Another heartbreaker for Johan.

The Mets gave their ace a two-run lead in the fourth, and looked like it would be all he’d need against the fast-fading Atlanta Braves.

Johan Santana pitched seven shutout innings, but unfortunately couldn’t make it eight. He ran out of gas in the top of the 8th, allowing two singles to start the inning, then handed off his 2-0 lead to the Mets bullpen — and that didn’t go so well.

Scott Schoeneweis was the first to answer the call, and he allowed a third single to load the bases. Manager Jerry Manuel immediately went to Brian Stokes, who gave up a two-run single to Jeff Francoeur to tie up the game. Stokes remained in the game, and a few batters later, allowed the go-ahead run on a sacrifice fly. The sleepy Mets offense couldn’t respond, and that’s the way the game ended — yet another strong performance by Santana wasted.


Carlos Delgado went 2-for-4, the only Met with more than one hit.

The Braves left 11 men on base to the Mets’ 8.

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  1. isuzudude September 14, 2008 at 11:36 am
    I was lucky enough to have purchased tickets (4 rows behind the Braves’ dugout) to yesterday’s doubleheader, and it was quite the entertaining day. I’ll share some of my memories, starting with game one…

    My girlfriend and I were making the trip to the Stadium from Bergen County (NJ), which on a good day usually takes about 20 minutes. However, with the Yankees also playing a double-dip in town, and knowing CitiField is making parking atrocious at Shea, I decided to leave early – 11AM early! It only took about 35 minutes to get parked (we were pretty much the only ones in the parking lot underneath the 7 train), so we had oodles of time to kill. We walked around CitiField a little bit, and then headed over towards the visiting players’ entrance. For those who keep score at home, my gf is a Braves fan, and she had brought a baseball and sharpie just in case we bumped into a player or two. As it turns out, right around noon a car pulled up and 4 young guys got out. I recognized one as Brent Lillibridge, and my gf (Kelly) got his autograph. The other 3 we did not recognize. A little while later as we’re staring off into the parking lot, Kelly looks behind us and tugs on my shirt and says, “I think that’s Chipper Jones,” as she points to the entranceway. I spin around and, sure enough, there’s Chipper with his wife and 3 kids in toe. Kelly walks up to him and asks for an autograph and he politely said, “in a minute.” He walked with his family to a waiting car and was immeditly mobbed by a bunch of pimple faced geeks who were calling him Larry and shoving stuff for him to sign in his face. Real rude and classless. He kept antending to his family and said shortly, “Can I put my kids in the car, please? I appreciate it.” That backed everyone off. But once he was done kissing his wife goodbye (nice photo opp) he took a good 10 minutes signing balls and cards and posing for pictures. Swell guy, gotta say. Kelly got her ball signed too, and she was giddy for the rest of the day. She also wound up getting Jeff Franceour, Kelly Johnson, and Charlie Morton, who were all very gracious and cordial. Quite a few other players walked by but declined to sign, and I’m sure they have their reasons. But I know in the future we’ll be going to every game 3-4 hours early to meet the players and make some memories.

    Speaking of making memories, we decided to venture up to the diamond club before the game started. We had a choice of eating at the bar & grill or at the buffet. The bar had a waiting line and the game was about 45 minutes away from starting, so we went for the buffet. Food was okay; a bit on the extravagent side (she had octopus in her spaghetti, which was a first for me). Word of warning, though: it is not for the thrifty among us. A 2-person bill came out to $99. I just wrote it off as my contribution to the Mets future signing of Brian Fuentes or CC Sabathia.

    Game 1 was cool until the 6th, when the Mets loaded the bases with no one out and failed to score. I turned to Kelly at that time and said, “I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us.” Well, it did, as the bullpen couldn’t work out of Johan’s 8th inning mess without surrendering the go-ahead runs. I was very taken aback by the crowd’s reaction to Schoeneweis in the game. He came on to face 1 batter, gave up a soft single that I thought Wright could have made a play on, and then got booed unmercifully by the Shea “faithful.” I don’t get it. All Scott gave up was a bleeder thru the infield, and he’s been surprisingly successful most all season, and here he is getting the Mota treatment. I thought it was very unjustified. I thought Delgado’s 8th inning flyout had a chance of leaving the yard, but nothing after that gave me a sign that the Mets would stage a comeback. Tough loss, but game 2 proved to show more evidence that the Mets are a much more resillient group than their 2007 counterparts….