Wishlist: Top Free Agent Re-Signs

Here is my personal list of current Mets free agents I hope the Mets will re-sign.

1. Chad Bradford
The guy was incredible when coming into messes with runners on base. Since he throws underhanded, he can probably keep up the production for a few more years. I can’t picture a sixth inning without him.

2. Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez

A clutch performer in the postseason, which unfortunately we didn’t get to see in 2006. I don’t care if he goes 12-12 again, I want him in the playoff rotation.

3. Tom Glavine
Three reasons I want him back. First, I don’t want to see him in a Brave uniform. Second, he was clutch in the playoffs. Third, he’s a good influence on the young kids (Pelfrey, Humber, Maine, Perez, etc.) — it’s like having a second pitching coach around. Oh, and watching him win his 300th might be cool, too.

4. Jose Valentin
He played well, and though he fell apart at the end of the year, he’s worth keeping around in the role he was supposed to have — as an all-around utility guy and pinch-hitter. He could be a productive platoon second-sacker, if the Mets get a good RH hitter to match up with him.

5. Guillermo Mota
True, he might have been so great in September because of steroids. But if he can perform like he did without the enhancements, I’d love to have him — fresh — for the second half of 2007.

6. Roberto Hernandez
If for no other reason so the Mets don’t have to trade Lastings Milledge for him at the deadline next year. Also, he’s still throwing smoke, and the Mets will need all the pitchers they can find next year.

7. Darren Oliver
He did a great job in the long relief role, and he’ll be needed again (see #6, we need arms).

8. Cliff Floyd
This choice is completely unfounded, and based only on my wish to see him do well in a Mets uniform. In reality, it probably makes more sense to let him go be a DH in the other league.

9. Edgardo Alfonzo
Another nostalgic choice. If he has anything left, let’s give him a flyer — much like the gamble on Valentin in the winter of late 2005 — and maybe he and The Stache will prove to be a productive, if aging, platoon combo. Fonzie can’t expect to start anywhere, anymore, but could take to the reserve role, be a strong, clutch RH bat off the bench, occasionally starting vs. lefties, and provide more veteran leadership in the clubhouse.

10. Chris Woodward
You may disagree, but hey, he’s last on my list. He’s only 30, and he played all of 2006 injured, unbeknownst to anyone. Before last season, he looked like he’d be a very productive and versatile guy off the bench. Not too many people can legitimately play all four infield, and all three outfield positions.

Now, my PLEASE GO AWAY list:

Jose Lima
Steve Trachsel
Ricky Ledee

Agree, disagree? Please feel free to comment.

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