Omar Minaya is Crazy – and Always Has Been

It’s another slow news day. Most likely, it will be a slow news weekend. As a result, about the only thing we Mets fans can do is ponder the most recent deals — most of which seem confusing or irrelevant — while munching on cold turkey sandwiches.

We touched on this last week, but it bears repeating. Nearly every pundit and fan is having a hard time getting a handle on:

– who are the Jasons — Standridge and Vargas
– what is Ben Johnson going to contribute
– when will Omar stop acquiring AARP card carriers
– where will Barry Zito end up
– why Damion Easley is better than Chris Woodward, or other utilitymen
– how Moises Alou is a more healthy option than Cliff Floyd

Many are also wondering why we’d give up on Royce Ring, who looked to be ready to be a LOOGY, or how we could give up on Henry Owens, who seemed destined to be a dominant setup man or future closer. And we’re split on whether Lastings Milledge should be a New York Met in 2007.

Well, this insanity in the offseason is nothing new. Rewind about ten months, put yourself back in time — no, really, try to get back there, and remember your feelings of the time — and consider the 2005-2006 head-scratching deals:

Nov. 18 – Mike Cameron to San Diego
Seemingly all of MLB is looking for a centerfielder, and we have maybe the second- or third-best fielding CF in the Majors. You’re telling me all we could get is some guy named Xavier Nady, who couldn’t even crack the Padres’ lineup? What was the rush? Why didn’t we wait until we had some real bidders for Cameron? Omar is crazy!

Dec. 8 – Jose Valentin signed to one-year contract.

This guy is going to be 37 by the end of the season, he’s coming off surgery, his knees are shot, he hasn’t played well in four years, and we’re giving him A MILLION BUCKS? Omar is crazy!

Dec. 9 – Julio Franco signed to a two-year contract.

Unbelievable! This guy is going to be 50 years old at the end of the contract! Omar is crazy!

Dec. 19 – Darren Oliver and Pedro Feliciano signed to one-year contracts.
Geez, I know we need lefthanded pitchers, but these guys just take up space. Oliver has never been good anywhere — he can’t even get lefties out — and Feliciano is so bad he was pitching in Japan last year. Besides, we’ve already had Feliciano here, and he stinks. Omar is crazy!

Dec. 23 – Endy Chavez signed to a one-year contract
So THIS is our early Christmas present? Endy Chavez? What’s he gonna do, platoon with that loser we got from the Padres in the Cameron deal? What a waste of a roster spot. Omar is crazy!

Dec. 28 – Chad Bradford signed to a one-year contract.

Why are we wasting our time with this submariner? Jeez, can’t Willie get “the funk” out of his head? Must we go through another year of hearing how Randolph likes to “show a different look”? Didn’t we learn anything from the Shingo Takatsu experiment? Omar is crazy!

Jan 4 – Jae Seo to the Dodgers for two nondescript relief pitchers
(Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll).
What’s going on? We finally developed Seo into a bonafide #3 starter — how many of those are there at his young age — and now we’re trading him for a couple of run-of-the-mill middle relievers? Omar is crazy!

Jan 21 – Kris Benson to Baltimore for Jorge Julio
What are we thinking? Sure, wife Anna pissed off everyone at the Christmas party, and Fred Wilpon no doubt demanded his exile, but couldn’t we get something more than the ultimate flamethrowing enigma Jorge Julio and some non-prospect (John Maine)? Benson’s no star, but he’s a solid #3 … and we already GAVE AWAY Jae Seo — so who is going to start? Omar is crazy!

See, the nonsensical deals are nothing new …. Omar has been crazy all along.

Thank goodness !

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