2008 Mets Bullpen May Return in 2009

New York Times columnist Allen Schwartz suggested that the beloved bullpen crew of Scott Schoeneweis, Aaron Heilman, Duaner Sanchez, Pedro Feliciano, et al, could very well return intact for next season — and has quotes from Omar Minaya to support the theory.

Justified as these fans may be in wanting a completely rebuilt bullpen, they should not hold their breath, or at least as much as they did during the playoff race. Early signs indicate that the Mets’ relief corps could resemble last year’s more than any sadist would recommend.

“You’re not going to just trade people for the sake of trading people,” Mets General Manager Omar Minaya said at the just-concluded general managers’ meetings. “It’s not that easy. It’s got to make sense.”

As I’ve hinted earlier this offseason, it’s my belief that the Mets’ bullpen woes had as much to do with the managers as with the personnel — if not more so. That said, I can’t completely disagree with the idea of bringing back the same group of relievers. However, the manager better read my Bullpen Blueprint (assuming it’s finished before next April).

“Bullpen guys, they come into camp and you ride the hot hand,” Minaya said. “We may have our guys. Aaron Heilman, for the past few years, he was one of the better eighth-inning guys out there. It goes hot and cold. Duaner Sánchez is one injury removed from being a guy. Do we have a closer per se? No, we don’t have a guy. But we have other guys. It’s all a matter of coming back and having good years.”

Sounds to me like Minaya isn’t as desperate to replace the middle relievers as some fans. Though, I’m sure at least a few new arms will be brought in by February.

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  1. Cliffy44 November 9, 2008 at 5:24 am
    The Mets dont want Heilman.

    The Mets don’t need Heilman.

    Heilman’s lack of anything mentionable at all isa what cost the Mets the pennant in 2008.

    IF the mets retain him, it’s an insult to the fans; as it’s saying:
    “We really don’t have any intention of winning the pennant in 2009. Just keep buying our sponsor’s product and keep paying for seats to CitiField.
    But, we have Heilman; so we will not and can not take the pennant AGAIN, this year.”

    Heilman is the worst player to ever be in the major leagues. He makes Bill Buckner look good.
    Perhaps Heilman should do the right thing and he should resign.

    I mean WHY THE “F” would anyone want to be in an organization where no one wants him, or no one likes him?

    Heilman, if you read this, Please give the Mets a chance this year by resigning. I’ll give you money to quit.