Mike Piazza to Write a Book

Hold on to your seats folks — Mike Piazza is writing a book.

Mike Piazza shirtless and pumpedStrangely, he hasn’t contacted me to ghostwrite it, despite my vast experience as a non-fiction writer and obvious credentials as a baseball expert. I also know something about wine, one of Mike’s favorite indulgences. And heck, I’m a catcher, too. Perhaps Simon and Schuster will hire me as an editor based on all these similarities.

But enough about me, this is about Mike. The book is sure to sell, as there are millions of Piazza fans. If he either comes out of the closet or admits to taking PEDs, the thing will be a guaranteed best seller.

Note: I am NOT suggesting that Mike is gay, nor that he took PEDs. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the former.) Only suggesting that such topics would be great for the marketing potential.

Hat tip to Regis at MetsBlog for unearthing this gem. Something had to be done to get Chris Olsen’s mug off the front page.


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