K-Rod Took a Physical in NYC?

According to Victor David Melo Zurita Jose Manuel Fernandez, the beat writer for El Universal, Francisco Rodriguez took a physical in New York City and may be ready to sign with the New York Mets.

Before we get too excited, Victor David Melo Zurita Jose Manuel Fernandez isn’t exactly the Jon Heyman of Caracas. Though he does have a lot of names.

I would be very surprised to find out K-Rod was taking a physical for the Mets this quickly. From all reports, the Mets are offering only three years, and he wants five. If it’s even true the Mets made an offer, it behooves him to check with other teams over the next few weeks to gauge the market. In fact, I’m 99.9% certain this “report” is hogwash.

But, if I don’t post it, then I’d be remiss in participating in a full day of media nonsense.

Hat tip to Micalpalyn.

****** UPDATE *******

It’s indeed possible K-Rod took a physical in New York. But it had nothing to do with the Mets, and more likely a preliminary step in his own process of selling himself to any team.

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  1. Micalpalyn November 17, 2008 at 11:33 am
    i saw the update. rather than saying oh shoot…it seems this story is getting more plausible. Previously the talk was Omar/Mets were concerneed about reduced velocity and The K-rod camp countered with K-roed had focused on throwing strikes and reducing arm wear. Add to this that this was player orchestrated and i interpret that K-rod has nothing to hide. Metsblog is reporting that offers to K-Rod and Fuentes are to be tabled shortly.

    finally, from Metsblog’s article…K-rod is known as ‘el kid’ rodriguez in his home town…that’s the icing for me. If Philly thinks Jose is animated, K-rod will definately stimulate nausea and vomitting.