Oh No! Tomo Ohka !

I’m really, really hoping that Ken Davidoff’s source is wrong about the Mets’ interest in signing Tomo Ohka. I’m also hoping that they’re not interested in trading any active player for Rodrigo Lopez, since the Baltimore Orioles want a better offer than merely “mid-level prospects”. If the deal for Lopez involved moving Mo Vaughn’s contract, or maybe part of Bobby Bonilla’s (I think we’re STILL paying off on his deferred deal), then it might be worth it.

Funny, that the O’s would want so much value back for such a piece of trash. But then, Jim Duquette is the GM there, and he once thought that Victor Zambrano was worth Scott Kazmir. Ah, now it makes sense!

In other rumors, ol’ “Scoop” Heyman has uncovered this deep, dark secret: the Mets are using Lastings Milledge as trade bait in an attempt to obtain a starting pitcher!

As if that tidbit isn’t enough to make you jump out of your chair in surprise, Heyman further lets out this bombshell: the Mets are close to signing David Newhan! Personally, I have been up most nights ever since Chris Woodward left the team for greener pastures in Atlanta.

Picking up Newhan to compete with — or sit next to on the bench with — Damion Easley, Anderson Hernandez, and Ruben Gotay really makes you wonder what the heck Omar was thinking when he refused to give a 2-year deal to Marlon Anderson (yet have no problem handing one to the 48-year-old Julio Franco). Omar hasn’t made too many mistakes in his reign, but letting Marlon walk over the cost of a 2-year, $3M deal seems crazy now, doesn’t it?

And before the Mets sign Newhan to a contract — by the way he’s a Scott Boras client, which means he may very well be demanding a 5-year / $30M deal — you’d think they might send a spring training invite to Jeff Keppinger. But then, Jeff Wilpon might not yet be over the affair between his wife and Keppinger. At least, I think that’s why we traded Kepp for Gotay last spring.

While the last-minute free-agent signings are heating up, why are we not hearing Mark Redman’s name mentioned in Mets circles? Or in any circles for that matter? Looking at his stats over the last five years, and looking at Ted Lilly and Jeff Suppan and their 4-year contracts … well, maybe Redman needs a new agent. He’s no Barry Zito, but he’s an able-bodied, healthy, soft-tossing lefty that can probably provide 160-180 innings. You’re not going to get much more than that from Ohka, or Tony Armas Jr., who both have questionable health.

But then, if the Mets weren’t so stubborn about keeping Aaron Heilman in the bullpen, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I’d much rather give Heilman a shot than throw bad money at Redman, Ohka, or Armas, or give up someone for crap like Rodrigo Lopez. Who knows, maybe that’s the plan … contingent on Duaner Sanchez’s health, of course.

Gosh, these slow news days are killers. If you would have told me last night that today’s big excitement surrounded Tomo Ohka, David Newhan, and Rodrigo Lopez, I’d have stayed in bed this morning … or at least left the laptop in its case for the day.

43 days till pitchers and catchers report …

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