Game 9: Win

Mets 4 Brewers 3

The Mets won again, pulling out a 4-3 squeaker in a game that didn’t really look that close. The way the Mets carry themselves on the field this year, they exude confidence, and look as though they expect to win. There appeared to be no pressure nor tension during this game, which wasn’t exactly an easy victory, as Aaron Heilman gave up two runs in the 7th to allow the Brew Crew to within one.

Not sure why Heilman was in there in the first place, as Tom Glavine was dominating through six, striking out 11 and giving up only one unearned run. But he did hit that magic, unfounded 100-pitch count (107 exactly), so Mr. Willie just had to remove him. Personally, I’ll never understand the logic of taking out a guy who is cruising, just because of pitch count. If he was up around 130 pitches, it’s a different story. In my opinion, you have to go with your best for as long as he can go, and Glavine was the best the Mets had last night.

Whatever, the Mets won, and showed how great it is to have both Heilman and Dirty Filthy Duaner Sanchez in the bullpen. Obviously, you can’t expect either of these guys to be perfect every time out, so when Heilman is “off” — as he was last night — you can pull him and bring in Sanchez, who was lights out. I still think Heilman should be in the rotation, but everyone’s tired of hearing me write that. In any case, the Mets bullpen looks damn strong here in the early going.

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