Link Roundup

“JFro” of FanNation says Jerry Manuel Must Be Fired, Now.

Is Lenny Dykstra a brilliant, wealthy businessman or a check-bouncing shyster? Read this ESPN article on “Nails” and decide for yourself.

Sam Borden of SNY suggests the Mets bullpen is being burned out.

The New York Times has an interesting article on the unfilled, expensive seats behind home plate at both Citi Field and Yankee Stadium. Dave Howard is “not worried” (but is he concerned?).

The Times also has a profile on Omir Santos, the latest version of nondescript, wide-shouldered, backup AAAA catcher on the Mets’ roster. Regardless of what Ben Shipgel writes, my eyes tell me Santos has a strong arm but is sloppy at receiving pitches (minor detail, I know). He lost at least a half-dozen strikes catching Nelson Figueroa last Sunday.

Don’t look now, but there’s yet another “team to beat” in the NL East. Yee ha.

While traveling, I missed this hilarious post on “Melissa Alano” at IMFM … it’s still relevant and has wonderful illustrations.

Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog is right on with his criticism of Jerry Manuel’s “gangstas”. It’s high time to see some ferocity on the field, Ray Knight style.

Adam Rubin has some minor league updates, with a highlight on sidewinding lefty Roy Merritt.

Priced out of the Citi has three fine lists (and everyone likes lists, right?) as well as a snarky suggestion to bring back the 80-pitch drill.

In his article  “Paint the Wall Blue Already,” David Lennon says, “Now that I’m in St. Louis, I just passed Busch Stadium, and imagine this if you will — the ballpark’s color scheme is red. Cardinal red, everywhere. Hard to believe, I know. Not sure why they resisted the urge to go with blue, black, orange or lavender. Pretty radical, these Midwesterners.”

MetsToday guest-poster John Fitzgerald is uploading a bunch of  outtakes from his TV show “Playing for Peanuts” to the web. In one of this week’s new clips, former Mets 2B Wally Backman explains that he spent the 1983 season living in an RV in New Jersey. Classic:

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  1. isuzudude April 23, 2009 at 10:04 am
    I’d love to know what “JFro” thought of Jerry directly after he took over for Willie last summer. Because if he praised Jerry for being the genious that Willie never was, then I’d say there’s an hint of hypocracy in the air. It’s very simple: Jerry = Willie, just with more entertaining quotes. I just hope he’s being consistent and isn’t guilty of kissing Jerry’s behind for being nothing more than a new face last year, while tearing him to shreds this year for doing all the same things that made him popular in ’08. If there’s one thing we can be proud of, Joe, it’s that we’ve have Jerry pegged from the very beginning.