Where’s Ollie: Latest Dispatch

It’s been a few days, but finally we’ve heard from Ollie …

From: ollie@wheresollie.com
To: Ollie Spotters
Date: May 15, 2009
Subject: Singin’ In the Rain

Hi friends! The last few days have been a whirlwind … not unlike watching me pitch in the fourth inning on a Thursday afternoon! I stood on the big stage and sang my heart out in front of millions of people, hoping to win a chance to go to LA. I sang my favorite Dionne Warwick song — “Walk On By” — but I think people didn’t understand it since I sang it in Spanish and to a reggae beat (that was Jose Reyes’ idea, which I fear was an error). Paula said I was adorable and Randy described my performance as “wild” but Simon wasn’t impressed, criticizing my voice as “uneven and out of control”. Oh well, it was fun anyway, and I incorporated my trademark hop into the routine, which was cool. Since I was eliminated from the competition you won’t be seeing me on the stage again, but I will be showing up somewhere, soon … so KEEP LOOKING !

Metstradamus caught a snapshot of Ollie just before he was voted off American Idol:



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