Fernando Sosa and Other Musings

Ben Shipgel finally caught up to what we suggested last week — that Fernando Nieve is this year’s Jorge Sosa. Though, so far I like Nieve’s confidence in his fastball … if he doesn’t fall in love with the slider the way Sosa did, he might just hang around beyond the All-Star break. Fingers crossed.

The Ropolitans provides us a colorful pie chart displaying Fernando Tatis’ prowess as a double play machine.

MetsPolice strolls down 126th street, and compares it to Wrigleyville.

Eli from Brooklyn nominates Fernando Nieve for an award, and shows us 5 of the worst “first” pitches ever recorded.

Speaking of, in case you missed the President throwing out the first ball in Baracklyn the other night, you can see the replay below:

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  1. isuzudude June 25, 2009 at 11:23 am
    Although I think renaming your team after the president and handing out bobbleheads of him is off-the-charts stupid, it was pretty funny seeing the fake secret service get in the way of the ball and throwing into LF like it was a live grenade.