Mets Game 78: Win Over Pirates

Mets 9 Pirates 8

The Magic Bus rides on !!!

Ironically, the Mets continued their hot streak of now two consecutive wins against the Pittsburgh Pirates — the team that had “We Are Family” as their theme song back in 1979. Ironic because, of course, this steamrolling of the competition had its impetus immediately following a “family talk” led by Jerry “Pops” Manuel, the inspiring father figure and fearless leader of the New York Mets.

At first, it appeared the Mets were going to get blown out, as Tim Redding allowed five runs on six hits and two walks in his first two innings. But Bucs starter Pat Maholm was no better, and the “Flushing Lumber Company” exploded with a four-run inning in the fifth that was sandwiched by two two-run innings.

The impressive comeback should have been celebrated in the ninth, but after Sean “Teke” Green used his sidearming style to get out of a major jam in the eighth, Frankie Rodriguez allowed a two-run bomb to Adam LaRoche en route to his third blown save of the season.

However, the Mets came back again, rallying in the tenth against Pirates closer Matt Capps. Ryan “Crazy Horse” Church drove home Fernando “Cobra” Tatis with the winning run, and K-Rod set down the Bucs in order to “earn” his second victory.


Tatis had three hits, scored four runs, and drove in two with an opposite-field homer that put the game away in the sixth.

In my mind, a key factor in the game was a pinch-hit, two-run single by Dan “Hit Man” Murphy in the fourth that put the Mets on the board for the first time and kept the team within striking distance. Had they not scored those two runs right away, it might have been easy to lose motivation. But down by only three, with five innings to play and Redding out of the game, there was plenty of reason to believe there could be a comeback.

Nice to see multiple-hit games from Alex “Scrap Iron” Cora and Nick “The Hammer” Evans.

Additionally, Church continued his red-hot hitting with three hits of own — he’s now 10 for his last 18.

David “Mad Dog” Wright had only one hit in the game but scored twice.

In a mysterious move, Tatis and Evans switched positions in the ninth inning — Evans going to left and Tatis to first base.

K-Rod threw 46 pitches in his two-inning stint. Will he be able to pitch against the Phillies this weekend?

Rain delayed the start of the game, then interrupted the delayed start of the game. I have to believe the delays had something to do with the abbreviated and awful outings by both starting pitchers.

Next Mets Game

The Mets travel to Philadelphia to play their third game in as many cities in as many days. Livan Hernandez goes to the mound against Rodrigo Lopez (apparently, the rumors of Lopez’s death and/or retirement were greatly exaggerated). First pitch will be thrown at 7:05 PM on Friday night.

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  1. nwaldrop July 2, 2009 at 7:18 pm
    This was actually an entertaining and fun game it just seems odd that we have to play every game like it’s the 7th game of the World Series, but that’s how Jerry “500” Manuel rolls, gangsta style.
    The highlight of this game was in the second inning when Gary, Keith and Ron described staying in the hotel where a “furry” convention was taking place. I don’t know if they fully understood the ickiness of what they were in the midst of. Keith telling the story of riding the hotel elevator with four furries in full costume brings a smile to my face.
    But the next inning Keith went on for twenty minutes about his “backup shoes,” and I had to mute it.
  2. nwaldrop July 2, 2009 at 7:25 pm
    A picture of Kevin Burckhardt with a furry and a transcript of the on air exchange can be found Here:
  3. Eli From Brooklyn July 2, 2009 at 8:22 pm
    As Mike Francesa said, “Yes, you won’t have K-Rod tomorrow but that means you have the lead in the 9th & you’ll take that.” Where do I sign for that?

    K-Rod threw a career high 46 pitches today. In similar fashion, I threw my lunch up for the 46th time this year as the Mets blew another lead.

    In a statement released today, John Franco cleared the air by saying, “What I meant was, ‘The Mets Medical Staff is lacking leadership’.”

    An ugly win is an ugly win is a win!

  4. isuzudude July 3, 2009 at 12:00 am
    My boss is a Met fan and he’s instituting a new policy, adopted from Jerry Manuel, starting on Monday. Everyone has to ride the bus to work, and coordinate with our team leaders the stop in which we will all embark from. He says it’s to promote team unity and cohesiveness. I tried reasoning with him that the Mets recent success is too small of a sample size to suggest the magical bus ride was the determing factor, but all he would say is “2-0 in their last 2” and threatened replacing me “with a bigger bat.” Should I think about getting a new job?
  5. joejanish July 3, 2009 at 1:08 am
    dude – check that negativity at the door. You can ill afford to have individualism seep in. Just get things in order, and come to the office ready to work.

    And don’t feel sorry for yourself.

  6. CatchDog July 3, 2009 at 7:52 am
    Joe; your creative nick-name assignment reminds me of the scene in Animal House, where a rather inebriated John “Bluto” Blutarski chooses the names of the pledges.

    From now on, Crazy Legs, Cobra, Hit Man and Mad Dog are the players I’ll be rooting for.

    And let’s hope the Deltas do well against the Omegas this weekend. Keep up the fantastic writing and satire.

  7. gary s July 3, 2009 at 9:12 am
    i’m counting the days till redding pitches the first five innings and ollie pitches the next 4 innings.kind of reminds me of murphy charging in left field on a single and throwing to jose reyes to try and get a runner from second base.our jerry is revolutionizing mlb!!!i almost forgot, our pitchers can bunt or hit and run on their own.GO JERRY GO!!!!
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