Mets Game 83: Win Over Dodgers

Mets 5 Dodgers 4

In the previous post we introduced the sequel to The Bionic Man. I neglected to mention that as a kid, I always wondered if Steve Austin would ever cross over to Mission:Impossible to join the IMF for an episode.

Finally, my wonderment found fruition.

The 36-Million-Dollar Man, played by Oliver Perez, teamed up with Jim Phelps (played by David Wright), Barney Collier (Jeremy Reed), Dan Briggs (Dan Murphy), Willy Armitage (Gary Sheffield), Rollin Hand (Frankie Rodriguez), and the rest of the Impossible Missions Force to take down that evil organization known as the LA Dodgers.

Perez kicked and strode that bionic knee for five innings, miraculously escaping his demise despite 7 walks, 4 hits and 2 runs. The bullpen was just good enough the rest of the way to deliver a rare, and impossible, victory over the best team in baseball.

If Oliver Perez gaining his second victory of the year against the mighty Dodgers wasn’t impossible enough of an achievement, the feeble Mets offense cobbled together five runs — their first scores in over twenty innings — and did so AS A TEAM. Wright, Reed, Brian Schneider, and Luis Castillo drove in one run apiece, and four different Mets scored runs.

Sean Green and K-Rod did their best to undo the impossible by allowing the Dodgers two runs in the final two frames, but it was too little, too late — and for once, it was the Mets on the right side of that phrase.


It is after watching games like this that I have a hard time buying into the idea that the Mets need “the cavalry” to score runs and win ballgames. No, it wasn’t a beautiful game, but it was a win and everyone on the field played a part in it. Despite my fun with recalling the Bionic Man and the IMF, the truth is, this team doesn’t need superheroes in order to compete for the NL East crown. All they need is to focus, execute, and play the game the way it was meant to be played. Injuries or no injuries, there is no team in their division that can beat them consistently on pure talent alone (for that matter, there are few teams in all of the NL). The notion of the Mets manhandling everyone and walking into the postseason without a struggle is now a pipe dream, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete. It’s time that the crepe-hanging Jerry Manuel and the rest of his squad stop feeling sorry for themselves and making excuses and start carrying themselves like men. It’s baseball, for goodness sake — a boys’ game. If these individuals are going to crumble against the “pressure” of losing a few teammates to injury I’d hate to think what might happen if they ever had to face real adversity — the type of obstacles the rest of us face every day in the real world.

Next Mets Game

The rubber match will occur at 7:10 PM on Thursday evening. Livan Hernandez faces Randy Wolf. It is not known whether Cinnamon Carter will be in attendance.

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  1. murph July 9, 2009 at 1:32 am
    Even crappy teams win 60 games a year.
    They were bound to win again, eventually.

    It was good to see them end their offensive drought. Keep it going, fellas.

    And what a play by Daniel Murphy in the 7th!

  2. Wendy July 9, 2009 at 9:14 am
    Great game, shaky on the pitching side but the offense and defense prevailed, way to go Murph!!!!
  3. isuzudude July 9, 2009 at 10:38 am
    I concur with everything you wrote in the Notes section, Joe. With the amount of injuries and the lack of trade options, the Mets need to know that they have to buckle down and play smart baseball until some of the more talented bodies trickle back from the infirmary. Yet, some are still acting like the team has enough talent to win games despite playing stupid, and that they can make up for the runs they allow in the field or disallow on the basepaths by letting Delgado, Beltran, and Reyes belt their way ahead. But those characters are now missing from the show, which has turned this moderately successful box office hit into a dark comedy. Of course, the message from Jerry Manuel – Mr Motivation, himself – is that his hands are tied with this scrap heap of junk Omar Minaya has given him, and that there is no preventing the ship from sinking unless some trade is made to bring more “talent” onto the roster. But what Jerry, and a large percentage of the fans apparently, fail to recognize is that this team still CAN win if only they were to concentrate on playing good baseball instead of concentrating on their own pity party. They certainly have the pieces right now to stay in contention in the NL East. It’s up to Jerry to get them in position to make a run when the soldiers return. There’s no guarentee that the soldiers will guide the team into the playoffs, but we’ll never find out if Jerry continues to undermine his team in an effort to exagerate the point that there isn’t enough talent for him to work with. Call me crazy, but I strongly feel like that’s exactly what Jerry’s done since Beltran became the straw that broke the camel’s back.
  4. Wendy July 9, 2009 at 11:37 am
    dude, agreed this pity party thing is out of control, especially from Jerry, i don’t think most players are the ones feeling sorry for themselves, but if that’s the message they are getting from management, that’s what they will start to believe, no matter what some of the veteran leaders tell them.
  5. mic July 9, 2009 at 7:35 pm
    – Danny Murphy. His ringing double in the FIRST INNING signaled a change of attitude and signified that which this team/JERRY should be highlighting….an oppurtunity for youngsters to show what they can do while the vets are out!!
    D. Murph set the table for the 4-1 lead, and kudos to Luis for his CLUTCH single.


    -With the score 5-1 Evans could have blown the game open but SO…tough.