Mets Talking Points: Saturday, July 10

New category here: Mets talking points. In this section we will review the assumed talking points as directed by David Howard to the SNY and WFAN announcers.

Not surprisingly, Saturday’s talking points will focus, for the most part, on newly acquired Jeff Francoeur.

“Jeff Francoeur plays every day, he’s a solid, durable player”

“Jeff Francoeur’s presence makes at least one spot in the lineup easy for Jerry Manuel — he can pencil him in every day. | Francoeur’s presence should add more consistency and stability to the lineup”

“Jeff Francouer has a lot of upside”

“Jeff Francoeur is a pull hitter, and that’s the type of hitter who can hit homeruns in Citi Field”

“Jeff Francouer is a Gold Glove fielder with an outstanding arm”

“Jeff Francoueur is a remarkable talent, a fantastic athlete who was a multi-sport star in high school”

“Jeff Francoeur’s best friend is Brian McCann. The two knew each other growing up in Atlanta and then grew up together in the Braves’ organization”

“Jeff Francoeur’s one weakness is that he’s over-aggressive at the plate. Howard Johnson will work with him on that”

“The arrival of Francoeur turns the Mets from a ‘lefty-heavy’ to ‘righty-heavy’ lineup, and it will be interesting to see how Jerry Manuel juggles Fernando Tatis and Gary Sheffield into the lineup”

“Jeff Francoeur’s presence and powerful bat takes some of the pressure off David Wright”

“The Mets want to finish strong going into the All-Star break, so they have something to build on when they return next week”

“Though, Jerry Manuel is not a strong believer in the idea of momentum”

“No one’s spot in the starting rotation is safe right now, except of course Johan Santana. Especially with the recent success of Jonathan Niese”

Be sure to comment if/when you hear any of the above uttered during the Mets’ TV and/or radio broadcast.

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  1. isuzudude July 12, 2009 at 9:34 am
    I laughed and thought of this article when Ron Darling brought up that Francoeur played football in high school and was a highly sought after, multi-sport star. Like this has anything to do with his ability to do well in the majors. But just another talking point manufactured by the Mets’ hype machine, which Darling was quick to regurgitate on the air.
  2. John Fitzgerald July 12, 2009 at 2:03 pm
    Great post. The PR machine has already shifted gears. The WFAN pregame and the SNY in-game talking points are now different:

    -Reyes ran the bases today

    -Delgado hit in the cages today

    -The Mets are ONLY 6.5 games back*

    -Alex Cora and the rest of the Mets will be taking a much needed break

    -With some rest and a few regulars returning to the lineup soon, the Mets are bound to make a run at the Phillies. Get your tickets now!

    * – 6.5 games back is not alot (anymore). According to Howie Rose, the Giants are now ONLY six games back of the Dodgers.