Mets Game 94: Loss to Nationals

Nationals 3 Mets 1

Trying to think of a descriptor for this game … hmm … uninspiring … lifeless… tedious .. lackluster …

How about: VAPID.

The Mets lost a game and a series to MLB’s worst team. The worst team in baseball by a longshot. Perhaps the motivation was to help prevent the Nats from erasing the 1962 Mets from the record book?

Mike Pelfrey pitched fairly well — but, well enough to lose. He spun seven innings for the third time this month, and held the mighty Nats to three runs on six hits and two walks. A solid outing, for sure. His main mistake was a hanging slider that Josh Willingham pelted into the left field seats.

But the offense was completely mesmerized by Craig Stammen and the Washington bullpen, collecting just four hits. One of them was a triple by Angel Pagan, and Pagan scored the lone Mets run when the relay throw to third got past Ryan Zimmerman. Other than that one play, the Mets appeared to be sleepwalking through the evening.


We can only guess that the Tony Bernazard situation had something to do with the Mets’ indifference. Listening to Omar Minaya’s “handling” of the debacle was nearly as distressing. The entire day and evening was a complete embarrassment for the organization. Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower …

As previously mentioned, Pelf has gone 7 innings or more in three of his five starts this month. However, in the other two starts, he’s pitched 7 innings combined.

Three of the Mets’ four hits were for extra bases. In addition to Pagan’s quadruple, Fernando Tatis and Jeremy Reed each ripped doubles.

Cory Sullivan batted sixth and Angel Berroa seventh. I kept waiting to see Gerald “Ice” Williams or Rey Sanchez walk up to the plate.

Next Mets Game

We fans are given a reprieve to discover other forms of entertainment on Thursday, as the Mets have a day off before dragging their sorry selves into Houston for a three-game series with the Astros. Game one on Friday night begins at 8:05 PM EST. Johan Santana faces his old organization against former Met Mike Hampton.

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  1. David W. July 22, 2009 at 10:49 pm
    I’d call the game `tepid.’

    On the bright side:
    1). Tatis has hit into only one DP in two games
    2). While Francoeur has misplayed two balls in two nights, he did not fall down on either play, setting a veteran’s example for Murphy and Martinez.
    3). Castillo did not compound his error by throwing to the wrong base
    4). With their eight total bases, the Mets were nipping at the heels of Josh Willingham
    5). You didn’t have to listen to the Nats announcers while watching this dreadful display.

  2. Murph July 23, 2009 at 3:05 am
    Wow, David W!
    I didn’t think there could be a bright side, but here you go and find FIVE of them!

    Is it too much to ask to be playing “meaningful games” in JULY!!!???

  3. adrock July 23, 2009 at 3:16 am
    is there any way wally backman might take the starting second baseman, GM, VP, and manager jobs? maybe he has enough money to buy the team. at this point i have so mythologized him that i might vote for him for congress.

    and joe, thanks for keeping all that sarcasm to a minimum. it hurts my feelings when you’re so coarse.

  4. Stephen Greene July 23, 2009 at 5:26 am
    Thye have a day off. The need to do the right thing fire Tony and Jerry. How could an excutive make a fool of himself and keep his job? If he were a Yankee he would be gone before it beacame public. How could Jerry keep his job when Omar says we are good for the wild card but can not beat the last place team? Of course they will do nothjng just like Omar has done nothing. How Omar got relif pitchers but no bat. The Yankess
    get 2 starting picthers and a bat. If Gary was not let go by the Tigers Omar would have had no bat at all.
  5. Wendy July 23, 2009 at 9:33 am
    I listened to Jerry’s weekly radio cast with Francesca yesterday on FAN, he sounded like a complete moron, he seems determined to let Wright play himself into oblivion and thinks that the experience of watching teammates drop like flies and surviving will make him a better clubhouse leader, gimme a break.

    First, Wright is playing injured himself but they will never put him on the DL because they have tickets to sell and they are not surviving, he is doing his best but its not nearly enough.

  6. isuzudude July 23, 2009 at 6:28 pm
    The worst season in Mets history continues. It really doesn’t matter what band of scrubs comprise the Mets’ lineup – if you can only score 1 run over the course of 2 games against the Washington pitching staff, it’s time to call it a season. Thanks for playing, see you next year. The Mets are absolutely intent on doing each and everything wrong for the rest of 2009, so there is no reason to believe they’ll be anywhere close to competing for a playoff spot. And on their current pace, they’ll be closer to finishing in last place then finishing in first by the time September rolls around. Tell all of the disabled players to go ahead and book those summer vacations with their families because their services won’t be needed again until the spring of 2010. In the meantime, let’s continue to crucify everyone in the Mets front office until they resign, and put ourselves in charge of this sorry franchise. At least if we screw things up we know we gave it everything we had.