Mets Incite Conspiracy Theories

In the latest move by the Mets, Gary Sheffield was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a hamstring injury. This occurred a day after Sheffield was pronounced “available” for a game, and on the same day that Sheff expected to be in the starting lineup.

And you wonder why people like me are constantly concocting conspiracy theories about the New York Mets organization.

Obviously, SOMETHING is going on that we are not privy to. A team simply doesn’t put a healthy player on the DL without an ulterior motive. Further, a team that is already hamstrung (pardon the pun) with injuries, and has had difficulty scoring runs, does not remove from the roster their most productive hitter and only legitimate power threat — not unless something is up.

Is there a trade brewing that requires roster space, or the showcasing of someone? Is there some kind of insurance money that can be collected for having a certain number of players injured? Is their poor handling of other injuries forcing them to be ultra-conservative? Did Sheffield tick off someone inside the organization? Have they exhausted so many options that they’re giving the George Costanza “do the opposite” strategy a whirl?

And the ultimate conspiracy theory: are the Mets purposely sabotaging themselves — i.e., trying to lose games on purpose? Let’s hope not — though if they are, the idea seemed to backfire, as the Mets exploded for 7 runs in the first five innings of play on Saturday night.

This one is hard to figure, but maybe something will occur in the next few days that cause us all to say “a-ha!”. For example, maybe the Mets are on the verge of making a blockbuster trade that will bring in 5 MLB players — named Halladay, Rios, Wells, Overbay, and Scutaro (hey, crazier things have happened). Or maybe they are showcasing Cory Sullivan for a team in need of a light-hitting, good fielding outfielder. Or maybe they’re auditioning Sullivan for the left field job next year. Perhaps there’s something else.

Something is brewing …

Joe Janish began MetsToday in 2005 to provide the unique perspective of a high-level player and coach -- he earned NCAA D-1 All-American honors as a catcher and coached several players who went on to play pro ball. As a result his posts often include mechanical evaluations, scout-like analysis, and opinions that go beyond the numbers. Follow Joe's baseball tips on Twitter at @onbaseball and at the On Baseball Google Plus page.
  1. upson July 25, 2009 at 10:16 pm
    Joe, as much as I like conspiracy theories, one thing that I learned with the Mets is to never underestimate stupidity as an explanation. Especially, when it comes to roster moves.
  2. joejanish July 25, 2009 at 11:32 pm
    Upson, you’re only too correct.

    I guess I’m just being optimistic. LOL!

  3. Andy July 25, 2009 at 11:34 pm
    My guess is “their poor handling of other injuries forcing them to be ultra-conservative”, as you say. That wouldn’t really be a conspiracy theory, I guess. Not sure whether you mentioned that third on your list because you think it’s less likely or it’s just not conspiratorial enough.

    If the Mets were to lose Sheffield for the remainder of the season because they worked him after a minor injury, after similar things have already happened to Reyes, Church and others over the past few years, I think the outcry would be deafening.

  4. joejanish July 25, 2009 at 11:42 pm
    I’m actually hoping against hope that the Mets are about to acquire a boatload of ballplayers from the Blue Jays. It ain’t happening, but hey, I can dream.

    Agreed … if Sheff reinjured himself, the team would be stampeded by the idiot police.

    I would say that they were lucky as heck to blow out the Astros tonight, because the offensive outburst was bigger news than Sheffield’s going on the DL.

  5. sincekindergarten July 26, 2009 at 6:05 am
    Occam’s Razor is probably the case here.

    Therefore, upson is probably dead-on.

  6. Mike July 26, 2009 at 10:17 am
    I think they should trade Razor Shines for a 3rd base coach to be named latter. Just let the players do with themselves until a suitable replacement can be found since they both already do it themselves and Razor is completely unable to tell the difference between Jose Reyes and Jeff Francouer.
  7. Joamiq July 30, 2009 at 1:11 pm
    The problem wasn’t so much that Razor can’t tell the difference between Reyes and Francoeur but that he doesn’t seem to know who Hunter Pence is.

    As for Sheffield, I say who cares. But as for getting a boatload of players from the Jays – the only way that’s happening is if we trade the likes of Wright/Reyes/Beltran, so, no.