End of the Month – Where’s Reyes?

reyes-ahhThe calendar says we are heading into the last week of July, which could technically be described as the “end of the month”. To refresh everyone’s memory, it was July 16th when Omar Minaya suggested that Jose Reyes might be back at the end of the month.

In turn, we suggested that Minaya would make such a proclamation for no reason other than to stimulate ticket sales. But in fact, that silly conspiracy theory has been proven wrong, because Reyes IS back — he’s been playing in simulated games in Florida since July 21st!

From Ben Shipgel’s column at The New York Times, July 17th:

“Of the nine Mets on the disabled list, Minaya identified Reyes and starter John Maine as the two most likely to return by the end of July, although that seems unlikely.”

Apparently, we misconstrued the definition of “return”. I, for one, thought it meant a “return to Queens”, as in, a “return to play for the Mets”. But in fact it meant “return to Port St. Lucie” — which is where Reyes enjoyed spring training.

And in John Maine’s case, it meant a “return to the doctor”, because Maine is in fact getting another opinion regarding his injured shoulder.

If you hadn’t heard, Maine has made zero progress with his shoulder since going on the DL back on June 11th. At the time, it was considered a minor setback, as reported by MetsBlog:

Maine told reporters, ‘It’s no big deal,’ noting his shoulder is weak, there is fatigue, and ‘it’s dead.’

Maine said he believes he will only miss one start, maybe two, and he will begin a strengthening program in the next day or so.

Perhaps getting advice from Carlos Beltran, Maine chose to go over the heads of the Mets’ medical staff and front office, and schedule his own appointment with Dr. James Andrews. Usually, pitchers see Dr. Andrews when things are really, really bad. That said, it’s probably safe to write off Maine for the remainder of the season. Thankfully, Oliver Perez is 100%.

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  1. Wendy July 27, 2009 at 9:53 am
    Hopefully Reyes will return in the next few weeks.

    Beltran and Delgago will probably not be back before Sept 1 if at all, just write them off everyone, nice to collect all that money sitting on DL.

    Hope they prove me wrong, but i’m not the least bit hopeful either will return anytime soon and even if they do, what purpose will they serve if not 100%?

  2. Walnutz15 July 27, 2009 at 10:13 am
    I’m not even mad at Beltran. The guy was never D.L.’ed — and has played with pain since he signed here.

    Eventually, it all catches up….and we’re seeing the consequences now.

    Ditto, Carlos Delgado. That was the Mets’ own fault for bringing him back another year — when they saw him at his most hobbled in 2007, and reportedly played through the 2008 season with the very-same hip problem.

    Met-management is comprised of the biggst morons in professional sports. They’ve been a complete and total joke, stringing the fanbase along the entire way — lying through their teeth so that Citi Field wasn’t empty from late-July on through September.

    If these guys don’t come back, I’m hoping The Wilpons and Co. get what’s coming to them.

  3. Wendy July 27, 2009 at 10:19 am
    i’m not mad at Beltran and Delgado but bitter because they played just fine for Puerto Rico in March while getting paid by the Mets, not one word about knee pain from Beltran or hip trouble from Delgado, kind of suspect you have to admit.

    I understand they both played in pain, but who doesn’t? give me a break.

  4. Walnutz15 July 27, 2009 at 10:37 am
    Nothing suspect about Beltran’s situation, at all.

    Beltran’s at a point where he’s bone-on-bone due to loss of cartilage.

    Someone who relies greatly on his legs — not only to track balls down in the gaps, but at the plate, shifting his stride….and compensating at times….isn’t going to be having much success.

    And playing through a degenerative condition, as we’ve seen — leads to more serious rehab and recovery-time.

    The Mets were always stupid (think along the lines of Ryan Church last year) with Beltran….and his day-to-day statuses, could have well been better suited to just one or 2 15 Day D.L. stints through the years.

    Instead, it hardly ever happened — and we’re now at this point.

    Looking back, Beltran’s had 4 stretches in the last 4 years where he’s missed time or has played through a “sore knee” or “bone-bruise” (mid ’06, late ’07, early ’08 — and presently).

    Meniscus doesn’t re-generate…as far as I know, anyway. And if Beltran’s taking it easy….then we’d better be the first ones to subscribe to the theory that “maybe it’s the best thing for him.”

    With 2 more years on his contract, I wouldn’t be overly-concerned with a lost 2009 season…..it’s been a long time in the making.

    Delgado, on the other hand — is the Mets’ own stupidity at work.

  5. Possible Career-Ending Injury Tandy July 27, 2009 at 12:54 pm
    Minaya is trying to help out the Wilpons on insurance premiums.
  6. Wendy July 27, 2009 at 1:56 pm
    Delgado was definitely a waste this year, yes he was doing well when he did play, but if anyone thought we were in for 2nd half 2008 all over again was fooling themselves, and then when he dropped that pop up behind first base, sign of things to come for this team.